Saturday, August 15, 2009

What I was thinking....Rotation One!

Okay here is some things i was thinking whilst watching the Nationals. And believe me i was having a million thoughts because the version i watched had absolutely no sound!!
So basically here is some Couch Gymnast stream of consciousness while she watches Nationals, Rotation !

Nastia Liukin's forehead is one of the highest I have ever seen in my life.  Surely there is a way around it.
Speaking of Nastia, it seems the camera is going to follow her around everywhere.  We will see her reaction to everything, see her clean her fingernails, scratch, smirk.  Are they gonna follow her to the toilet and see if she does ones or twos?  Seriously!
Kayla William's back aerial walkover mount was the most measured, relaxed and unhurried back aerial walkover mount i have ever seen.

That there were quite a lot of nice leos in this contest with simple colours and basic patterns.  Well done.

Did anyone else notice that Kayla has that funny ninja karate pose after her first tumbling series?

(see the guy in the back of this pic?  That's what Kaylas does in her beam routine!!)

Brossy packs a mean vault punch for someone who hasn't vaulted for a long time.  Wow.  Pity about the landing.

I had a big debate in my head over wether SJ's or Williams tumbling series looked better on beam.  Even though Williams longer legs helped the look of the tumbling, I decided SJ's shortness helped her back salto look WAY high so she wins.

Valeri Liukin has done wonders with Hong.  She maintains the beeyootiful form she inherited from the Fongs, but has clearly picked up some better technique and power since joinging WOGA.  She is getting some serious block on vault these days.  An excellent improvement.  What do you guys think are her chances of getting to Worlds, considering Sloany seems to be a shoo-in, and Brossy too if she gets her bars on at camp?  Is Ivana needed?  Or wanted?

I don't know Cassie Whitcomb from a bar of soap, as they say, but that was a very pretty bars set.  Loved her straddle transition up to high bar.  So high!!

I feel real, real bad for Jana Bieger, but i can't help thinking Uh oh whenever i see her.  What was she doing on that vault?  Trying so hard not to over-rotate that she under-rotated?  Poor thing.  Not an auspicious start!

Love Sam Peszek's little side smirk to Nastia or Bridget as she waits for her vault turn.  Very cute.  Nice to see a load less eye make up than she had on at the Classic. Nice vault too!

Bridgets Sloans vault was bloody great as far as I am concerned.  Also, on an expectedly shallow note, I like how she swept her fringe to the side instead of doing the US bump. It looked good on her.  Not sure about the curls at the back though.  It looked a bit bridesmaid to me.

First can I say, poor Mackenzie Cacquatto for having to wear that heinously flouro leotard! Then I will say, poor MC for falling off the beam.  I must say, I really like that swizzle around thingy she does on her stomach on the beam after her back salto. Its a cute and different close-to-beam move.


  1. I still hate Nastia's pink leotard from the AA at the Olympics. I get that pink's her favorite color and all but did it have to be bubblegum pink? Also, she really, really needs to put her hair in a bun, as do most of the WOGA girls. But I liked the WOGA leos.

  2. I just watched Mackenzie's beam routine on Youtube and this was in the description: "I freakin' LOVE her leo!!" That made me laugh. I agree with you Couch Gymnast, not a very pretty leotard.