Sunday, August 16, 2009

What I was thinking......

During the rotation 2 of Day (or the next installment of the silent version of NBC's coverage by some very king youtube user who shall not be named so they don't get into any trouble!)

Rebecca Bross- for a while i couldn't work out why she looked so strange, then I worked it out- no make up!! Well, hardly any compared to some of the other girls.  She looks pale.  And just a plain old pony tail.  No frills for this munchkin!!
She is very serious looking.  With those strong features, she is going to be very good looking in a few years.

I really liked her toe-on to pirouette to start on bars.

It always looks so funny when gymnast do the upswingy-thing from high to low bar in straddle and they are out of line.  Bross was out quite badly.  It looks so awkward.

I also noticed that she was really quite far over the bar for her Pak.  Nastia nearly always is too.  It scares the @#$% out of me when she performs it.  Every time. Maybe it's something in the training?  It looks impressive when its done like that I suppose.

As a general thing, though,Brossy's bar work reminds me much more of Memmel's in style, especially the way she bends and flexes so violently through the hips to thrust herself into moves.  Very similar.

Kytra Hunter's swaggery smile as she waited for her floor ex....Tasha Schwikert    much?!?! 

Needless to say, her tumbling is INSANE!! That piked arabian.  WOOT!!  With those two Arabians, she could give the Tweds a run!

Someone better actually give her some chorey though.  It looks like she was making it up as she went along in the first half!  The when it kicked in it was pretty dippity-do- emphasis on the 'dip' part.

Kytra is one of those girls that I just pray will be a college gymnast, whatever happens in her elite career, because she'd be so much dang fun!

I do believe I saw Bross smile, a whole smile with teeth and everything- for a nanosecond when she got her bars score!

Am liking Hongs hair. Cute little braid.   Girl still needs to work on that Tkatchev though.  I found the whole ex a bit of a yawn actually....

Jana B.  See? I just took one look at her and went "Uh oh" again!  What is it with this girl?
But I was right.  That routine was totally screwy from woe to go!  Does she actually posess any core strength?  Did she even want to hit a handstand?  Nice dismount but.

Bridgey's bar set was pretty rockin'.  Great new release.  Dismount kinda low?  I love how the coaches were having a joke about how she obviously clawed her way onto the high bar during that release!

Oh my lord!  What is it with GAGE and the dominatrix leotards??!!

 Or are they just recycling Terin Humphrey's old leos!!??  Poor Rebecca Clark!  That leo is HORRID!! Of course, I don't know for sure that she's from GAGE, but the info bar said she was from Blue Springs, and what with the leo, I'm gonna go out on a limb!!
Nice, simple, basic routine.  She had that lovely GAGE form though.

Oh hell, I was just hollering "go chellsie!" when something went terribly wrong  on my internet and I lost the next ten minutes of the Nats! GAH!  I heard somewhere that she lost points because her dad stayed on the podium with her.  Duh!  Kinda like Pavs going before the green light. OOPS!  But how was the routine?  Someone fill me in...

So there went the rest of that rotation!

Right, rotation 3.  Brossy is in the lead.  Bridgy is hanging on her coat tails.  Let's go!!

Hong is looking lovely as always on beam.  Nice dismount.  Gorgeous tight Onodi.  Her routine seemed very short, but maybe that is just because it was so lovely to watch.

Nastia's fringe bump is out of control!  Tis getting to drag queen proportions!!
Anyways, people have been going on about her looking pretty drab at Nats. I thought her routine was pretty great for someone who hasn't been back in training that long.  She is looking fitter than she did at the Classic too.

My favorite bit of the whole routine is during her mount when one of the little girls behind her pulls this incredulous, amazed faces as she presses to handstand.  It's hilarious!!
(Look at the little girl in red's face!)

Love Peszek's beam.  The girl is all business.  Though, hit a split will ya, Sammy!
Her side aerial is bizzarre.  Maybe it is because she doesn't have great flexibility, that her swing is all in the upper body, not sure.  But its odd-looking.
I really like her wolf jump though.  She hits it at the peak of her jump, unlike manyother gymnasts.

Aw, don't worry Bridgy, you gonna be a winner by the end of night two!!

You know why I love Bridget Sloan, apart from her gymnastics?  Out of all those girls, she looks them in the eye after she hugs them.  No one else does.  They hug and look/walk away, even if they are still talking.  It irks me.

OMG how much does the Brossy remind you of Steli Nistor on beam?!!  Miss I ain't going down for anything-no matter how out of line I am!  They both treat beam like its a boxing match they HAVE to win! .....until the landing.

I like how Nastia was doing her little counselling session to the obviously upset/ in pain Brossy before rotation four.  That was sweet.

On that note.  I'm to bed.  Tired.


  1. Supposedly Jana is still on anti-biotics for whatever she had back at the classic.

  2. CouchGymnast, if you go onto you can watch the whole thing from outside of the usa WITH sound! I am from England and it worked perfectly well for me! Hope that helps (might be a bit late now though lol)

  3. Bross wasn't even worried about nearly blowing out her knee! You can see as she's walking over to floor, she jams her foot on something and that's why she looks so distraut running onto the FX podium, they asked Nastia what was wrong and she said Rebecca jammed her toe.

  4. If either Bridget or one of the Chinese gymnasts wins the World AA this year, I'll be very very happy.

  5. Kytra Hunter will be going to the University of Florida in 2011 if you're interested in knowing. Mackenzie Caquatto & Alaina Johnson (also on the elite national team) were recruited there for that season too.

  6. I'm glad Bridget won, she definitely needed the confident boost. On a side note, I noticed you haven't mentioned SJ's "I'll decide by the end of the year whether or not to return to gymnastics." She praised a montage on her twitter that basically seems like 'she doesn't know if its worth it b/c last time she tried she didn't win' [aka not winning Olympic AA]. What are your thoughts? I was bothered with that mentality. She won 2nd at the Olympics along with countless titles the last 2yrs of her career. What kind of example is she setting for young gymnastics, give up if you don't win AA-gold? She accomplished so much. Gymnastics is so subjective to begin with and its questionable whether she should have beat Nastia (IMO Nastia was much better). Its one thing for SJ to say that she wants to go after her new Hollywood opportunities, its another thing to insinuate that b/c she was disappointed after Beijing that she'd rather not try again. Just my 2cents, hope you can put it (or something like it) our there for other gymnastic fans to talk about :)

  7. Yeah, if that really is SJ's opinion, then she may as well give up. I kind of expected a tougher, more competitive attitude from that girl. I didn't talk about it because i was watching the silent version and didn't know, but also because Shawn Johnson is one of those gymnasts that really only interests me when she is doing gymnastics.