Monday, August 24, 2009

A Tale of Two Ksenias..

The Ksenias

The Russian Cup maybe be somewhat sad in the ladies department because both the Ksenias have injuries. Hope they get better for London.

(Also, Russian coach, Rodionenko told IG that this year's Russian team selection for Worlds is going to be really hard.  The best of the Ruskies, like Komova, Mustafina, Dementyeva and  Solovyova are all age ineligible.  Rodionenko said it was the most difficult year yet for Russia, particularly as their is no team competition, which is their team's strength.  )

You know, I have always preferred Semenova because she is quite consistent, and thoroughly charming.  She has always had me me suckered in to that gorgeous smile and pretty little pirouette en atitude.  

But when I really look at the routines, and look at the gymnastics, I think i actually am a far greater fan of Afanesyeva's routines.  She is a beautiful gymnast, has such a wonderful line and shows gorgeous, mature dance.  If she wasn't so bloody inconsistent, I think she would be brilliant. And anyway, isn't that atitude turn named after both the Ksenias in the COP?

I was looking at the Beijing qualification scores today, and poor Afaneasyeva- she was mere minor deductions behind Pavs and Semenova in the AA qualification. Sje is quite a strong all-arounder, but with Pavs and Sem in her way, she missed out. Sometimes I wish the AA was top three per country.  I really do.
She wasn't that impressive in Milan (her performance, not her skills), with many falls, though she still achieved great results in the AA (even with a fall on floor).  But I think her second place was as much about the field as her performance.  

(In Milan?)

Afanasyeva can be what some call the 'headcase' gymnast.  I call it the "Ukrainian Syndrome"(they always had it way worse than the Chinese) personally.  Anyway, I do love her gymnastics when she is good, and I really hope she is better and can pull off a good performance in her own right if she makes it to London and that she will have a chance to qualify for something dammit!!

In a funny little interview with Semenova (CLICK HERE) on her website, she said she and Afanasyeva are best friends because, though the competition is tough between them, "we got so used to each other that we can't imagine- will we be able to make it separately? Without Ksenia here on the base, it would definitely be more difficult for me"


  1. I don't think that picture of the Russians and Romanians is in Milan, because if you look Sandra Izbasa is still blonde.

  2. I say there should be NO country limits! (I'm still bitter that 4 Russians placed top 10 AA in Beijing and only 2 got to compete. Kramarenko really was the 2nd best of the 4. She had a fall on beam and finished .325 behind Pavlova.

    They should take the AA back up to top 36 (or top 32) and eliminate country limits. And maybe top 10 for EF with 3 per country. Remeber in Stuttgart when Johnson, Liukin, Worley, and Sacramone were all top 6 on BB?

  3. That would be quite sad if the Ksenias are both out with injuries at Worlds. Does anyone know the extent of their injuries?

  4. I'm pretty sure that photo's from the 2008 Euros because I think that's Myasnikova on the right (and Sandra's blonde!).

  5. Wow ,that photo of the two Ksenias is actually a little freaky :)

  6. HEY HEY HEY!?!? Has anyone heard that pavlova has started training again?!?! Im jumping out of my seat at the words on her website, saying she returned to training after nearly a year of recovery from that nasty knee injury. Im so so so happy shes at least training! Hopefully we can see her next year?!- Daryl