Saturday, August 8, 2009

Still Waiting for the Comeback Kid...

So, the poll results are in, and I have to say, you guys never get sick of Chellsie Memmel coming back (well, neither do i really.) do you?!  
Anyway, here's hoping Chellsie has her strength and health back in time to get a berth to worlds.  It's a bit of a tight squeeze among the U.S girls with so much depth and talent, but the injury-fest may knock out some of the hopefuls.  There are those that theorise that if Nastia goes in as a bars beam specialist, that there is no way on god's green earth Chellsie is going to be able to do the same.  Therefore it all counts on wether Nastia, and it is looking unlikely, opts to do the AA.  Good luck Chellsie!

Second place-getter on the poll was that Canadian whizz kid Peng Peng Lee, the girl it seems the gymnastics world has been waiting to come out and show us her stuff.  Lee was tenderly hand raised by Carol Angela Orchard and Brian McVey, who claim they worked as hard as they could to get all Peng Peng's big skills in place before they left Sports Seneca, so she would be raring to go by the London Olympics.  Since the closing of Seneca, Peng Peng has been training with a private coach and insists on going to public school so she can have a social life.  Peng Peng has been out with a back injury and has actually been required to take a year off gymnastics entirely.  I truly hope she can regain her previous form because that girl was just magic to watch. I don't think we will be seeing her until 2010 unfortunately, sad though it is.... 

Third in the poll was the little Romanian cutie, Cerasela Patrascu who showed herself to be a very promising gymnast as a junior.  She competed at the 2007 Worlds, her first big time senior meet.  Patrascu was a rare bird among the Romanians for her solid bar work, an event she contributed on in the team finals when Romania took the bronze in Stuttgart in 2007.  Cerasela competed at the Euros in 2008, but suffered a knee injury which knocked her out of bars finals, and has needed two knee surgeries.  She had one before she vied for an Olympic spot, and another when her Beijing effort proved she was not well enough yet.  She was taken to Italy along with Dragoi and Porgras to investigate a treatment plan last year.  Currently, she is back in training.  Who knows what will happen with her already hindered progress?  
With Steli out of the mix, the Romanians may need to take what they can get for bars.  But as this year is not a team competition, Cerasela's strength may not realistically as she is nowhere near being a medal contender.

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  1. Christine (Peng Peng) is now at Oakville Gymnastic Club under Susan and Kelly Manjak. She will not be back to training until early 2010 but is in doing a bit of conditioning etc. She is a fantastic girl and Susan and Kelly will do wonders with her. Keep your eyes open for her in 2010!!