Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Random whatnot......

The Romanians found a new house guest at Deva when they came into the gym the other day- an owl!  Nicolae Forminte said, not being superstitious, that he doesn't know wether an owl means anything or not, but if it does, he hopes it's good!  The owl was keeping quiet, but the people who work there were scared it would hurt the girls and got a wildlife person to take it away!

Jana Bieger still has the flu and is trying for 2012, she says.  hmm.

Gymnastike has uploaded or linked to podium training videos.  If your internet is not as sad as mine is at the moment, go see Nastia train bars among other things.

Russia, Japan and the U.S have the most nations to have gymnasts entered in the International Gymnastic Hall of Fame.  No surprises there.  What is more surprising i think, is that Switzerland has four, Finland has one and Australia and Canada not a single one between them.  That's weird. 

I also read that Valery Liukin is from Kazakhstan.  That I did not know.

I was reading about Louis Smith, the British pommel bronze beijing boy earlier and wondering, I wonder if it is more difficult to be the only medallist in your league and have all the pressure and focus of your countries gym fans on you and not be able to medal again (the article was about wether he'd get a Worlds medal, or to be a gold or silver Olympic team medallist (and not individual) in a team for a country so deep and so successful that no one really remembers you were on that team anyway? Hmm.

I didn't realise that the 16.900 that Nastia scored in the Beijing team final was the highest score for any male or female gymnast at those Olympics!!

OR that there was ten points separating the first and fourth teams, and only 2.25 between the teams ranked fifth through eighth!

Or that Chuso finished 9th in the AA which was her highest AA result yet!


  1. The Russian Cup is 22-29 August. It is like their national championship. So yes, I do believe loads of gymnasts will go.

  2. wow, I didn't know that either!

  3. btw Helsinki is not a country (but finland is)

  4. Helsinki isn't a country - I think you meant Finland!

  5. I did mean Finland, and yes I know Helsinki is not a country, I was merely having a momentary brain lapse- that lasted the entire day! If you want to see vague, you should have seen me at work tonight!
    I was in Helsinki recently. I was mad at them because they wouldn't let me bring the beautiful, etched bottle of vodka i bought for my brother in law in Ukraine into the country!
    I didn't know Russia called their nationals a Cup. So i thought it was yet another World Cup like the Moscow. That makes more sense. TA!