Sunday, August 2, 2009

Put Your Left Hand in....

So it seems Alicia Sacramone's foray into dilettante-ism has another angle.  The gymnast-student-designer-television reporter-front-row-fashion-celebrity is now working with Precision Choreography, helping to design floor routines for young gymnasts.
A newspaper this weekend featured a small article on Alicia and national level ex-gymnasts Nicole Langevin's work planning new floor routines for the Kennetts Gymnastics Club top ten gymnasts in Goshen.

The article talked about the long hours and the multitude of injuries suffered by both the girls at Kennetts and Alicia herself and talked about Gymnastics as "a lifestyle".

I am fairly certain that Precision Choreography is the same company Courtney McCool works for during her summers, where they provide both dance and gymnastics choreography, design and routine touch-ups.  At least I think it is.  Oh alright, I will go and check my facts.  Yup, I was right.  Precision now employs two of my favorite gymnasts!  And the company's website seems to be growing, so they must be doing very well.

Anyway, I have to admit I find it a little funny, Alicia doing floor chorey, because I don't really remember her floor routines having much actual dance in them among those power tumbles!  Her leaps and jumps were also terrifically executed though and she will be fantastic at bringing out a gymnasts personality.  

Courtney, on the other hand, is a total dance afficionado, so it makes total sense. In her biography on the site, Courtney McC attributes her desire to choreograph to her old coach Armine Barutyan Fong, who she calls her role model. She says Armine was the best choreographer she ever had in her life and hopes to carry on her tradition.  Courtney also says she helps design the other Gym dogs floor routines.  Her sister Morgan also works at Precision.

Nicole Langevin, the woman working with A-Sac seems to be the company's owner and apparently invented the switch wolf on the beam!  She is also the in-house Junior Olympic Team Choreographer.

It is great to see all these ex-gymnasts working together, creating a niche for themselves for their careers after gymnastics.  People will go to precision for the names that are associated with it, and if we are luck enough, floor chorey is going to get even better!


  1. Love Alicia. She is my absolute favorite gymnast.

  2. This is Nicole Langevin from Precision. Thanks so much for the article. I appreciate your research and feedback. Alicia has been amazing in her work with me and her artistry is nothing less than phenomenal.
    Great website!

  3. Wonder if Alcia will have time to that she has offically comfirmed that she will return to compete elite gymnastics! I'm soo happy!!! The article is on the Inside Gymnastics website.

    Now the only one left from the Olympic Team who is not training is Shawn. She needs to get it together baby!