Saturday, August 15, 2009

Onya Bridgie!!!

Okay, I haven't seen a moment of day 2 of Nationals. In fact, I am only just starting to watch a silent version of day 1. 
But can I just say, after hearing the news, all the way from Australia, Go Bridget!!
I love that it wasn't an easy win too.  That she had to crawl back from third place and fight Hong and Bross.  That is exciting gymnastics!

I did get to see her bars from night one and thought it looked fantastic. The piked Tkatchev is HOT!!
And that was a mother of a dismount too!

I think the Bross is an excellent gymnast.  But I am kind of glad we are not having a repeat performance of new-young-power-gymnast-hits-the-scene takes the Nationals Crown a-la Shawn Johnson and a-la Carly Patterson.  I am glad it has gone to a gymnast with some awesome skills, but lovely form too.  
I am looking forward to seeing how she measures up against the big guns in London.

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