Monday, August 24, 2009

On the Ksenia Confusion...

So it seems there is a bit of confusion over at the IG forums about the wording of yesterday's article about the Russian Worlds team and the Ksenia's injuries.  

The article, which I talked about yesterday, talked about the lack of age-elegible contenders for the Russian team, the upcoming Russian Cup and the Ksenia's injuries.

As I interpreted it, the Ksenia were out of the Cup, not Worlds.

The Russian Cup kicks off in Penza with the opening ceremonies, will determine the makeup of the team sent to worlds.
The women's all-around championship in Penza, however, likely will be inelegible for the world's team.  2008 Russian Cup Champion, Ksenia Afanasyeva and runner-up Ksenia Semenova are both out with injury.  Semyenova, the reigning world champion on uneven bars, and Afanasyeva went 1-2 at the 2009 European Championships held in April.

In my interpretation of this article, when they refer to the AA champion they are referring to the fact that whoever wins, with the Ksenias out, is probably going to be one of their very talented, but age ineligible gymnasts.  It doesn't say anything about them being out for Worlds, and frankly, I think they would have made a much, much bigger deal about it if both those girls were out.  

In fact I think their inability to compete in London, and not the age problem would have been the focus of the article if that were the case, and they definitely would have told us what their injuries were.
So I think we needn't panic yet.  I think the Ksenias place on the team is assured, especially with the age-eligible deficiency among the Russians, and the powers-that-be are trying not to exacerbate their injuries before Worlds by making them compete at the Cup.

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  1. That's the way I read it too. Also, it said on Semy's website a month ago that she would be returning to full training shortly, and it seems like Ksenia's coach is very cautious with these kinds of projections (at one point she was saying that Semy would only be competing bars and floor at Euros). But if either Ksenia took the AA title this year, I'd be pleased as punch. If they're out, I'm barracking for Yana Demyanchuk. Longshot, I know, but that would be the awesomest.