Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Okay, so this is kind of Funny...

And maybe a bit embarassing.  So this morning I was looking at all theovernight gymnastics Blog updates.  I love checking these out in the morning, because being from Down Under, most people from Europe and the States do their posting while I am asleep, so I often wake up to all kinds of gymnastics treats!
Anyway, so the Romanian Gymnastics Blog had an entry this morning, showing pictures of all the Romanian gymnasts from some magazine.  I am not sure where they are from.  But anyway, as I was scrolling through the entry, this picture came up.

Okay, so funny, and slightly alarmist- but on seeing this picture at first glance, my initial reaction was to squawk "No! Get off her"!!! You know why? I didn't realise it was Nistor's mother. I thought, in fact, it was Mariana Bitang!! 
That was my initial, kneejerk reaction to her pretending to be all cuddly-mama to Steliana! Hilarious!
But, in fact, it is her actual mother! So all is well. Don't worry, the Bitang claws are nowhere near her!!

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  1. Hahahaha. She DOES kind of look like Marianna Bitang. :)

    Actually, I think Marianna's been of some assistance to Steliana with her injuries and such. It seems that she and Bellu were two of the few people high up in Romanian gymnastics that actually wanted to help her. I guess they're not completely evil, at least not when they're coaching.