Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nationals News....Body Bits....

So Olivia Courtney broke her ankle apparently, according to Live, Breath, Love Gymnastics, and is going to try and mend before Worlds.  Mend before Worlds? What?!  Are these people INSANE!  Is that even humanly possible?!
And Rebecca Bross is apparently was training everything but vault the other day, but Valeri Liukin reckons she will be alright for Nats this week.  How is that possible?  I suppose it is.  Wonders never cease and the gymnasts body, while not unbreakable, seems to be pretty darn impervious to pain around this time of year.....

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  1. I was terribly disappointed to hear that Nastia may not be doing bars... i hope she does elect to do them, because they seem to be looking pretty good. I won't lie, I am dying to see that routine in person.