Sunday, August 23, 2009

If I had power....

The phone would be ringing in Deva....

Ring!  Ring! (that's what a phone sounds like where I come from)

"Hi Nicolae, it's just the Couch Gymnast.

How's things?  The wife? The kids?  Ah busy? ....I see.

Well, I was just calling to see how things were going?  It's been pretty quiet on the Deva front lately.

How are things in the gym?

Did you get rid of that owl?
Anyway,  I mostly just called to see how the world team training is going?
Any thoughts on who your all-arounders will be?
Missing Steli yet?
And how's Sandra's injuries?
And her hair?  She dyed it back yet?  Tell her she is much better blonde.
And how's young Ceresela?  She mended well?
I hope you're taking care of those new juniors.  No injuries?

That Octavian hasn't been hanging around has he?  I heard he quit his sports ministry job. Not getting any crank calls, are you?  Strange midnight visits?  Don't hesitate just to call the cops if you see or hear anything strange.

....Well... that's all.  Can you pop Lili on for a minute?"

"Hi Lili, it's the Couch Gymnast here.
Just wondering, how is beam training coming along? 
Not giving them all the same skills again, are you?  Don't forget to mix things up a little.  Remember, it's not a Ford production line.  Just a little advice from me.

Now, we are going to have two gymnasts in beam finals this time, aren't we? 

 None of this lone star Dragoi stuff we saw in Beijing.  THAT was disappointing.  

By the way, how is Dragoi?  Not plateau-ing is she?  
And Porgy?  Make sure she doesn't injure anything, okay?  You guys need her

And tell Haidu from me to eat everything on her plate, okay?

Also, can you tell that floor guy to run his music choices by me first, please.  No dinky stuff this year, okay? 

Anyway, that's all.

Bye now! See you in London!"

It's been frustratingly quiet in Romania these days.  It's killing me.


  1. I was just thinking how I hadn't heard any Romanian gymnastics news for a while. I've heard rumours about Cerasela having left the national team although I'm not 100% sure on that. I really hope it's not true because she's a lovely gymnast and has great potential, especially on bars.

    I really hope the girls stay healthy and do well at Worlds.

  2. this was funny! love your web site