Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I nearly forgot!!

A month or so ago, a person called Sam, not sure if it was a boy or girl Sam, so let's just say person, emailed me to have a rant about some of the things she or he didn't like about gymnastics at the moment, hoping I would write something about it. Well, I just thought it would be better to let Sam speak for him/herself. Besides, we all know how fond I am of a rant- and it doesn't even have to be my own.

So here is what Sam had to say;

"Firstly, doesn't it really annoy you how many gymnasts nowadays just do a jump onto the beam: five out of the eight Olympic beam finalists did it (the exceptions being Liukin, Pavolova and Tsurumi) and I just think it looks awful! I know someone like Johnson wants to get straight on the beam to do her series, but how hard is a press handstand for an Olympic level athlete? My idea of how the IOC/FIG could do something about this is to make the mount automatically count as one of the eight elements that determine the D score. Maybe then we would have more creative mounts (look at chachakid's YouTube montage) instead of the bloody jump on GRR

Also, do you have the same feeling I do that vault is DYING ??? So few gymnasts nowadays have two vaults that it almost seems like they will struggle to fill up eight spots at the next Olympic event final! I know US gymnastics best, and I can't think of a single top up and coming gymnast who trains two vaults, despite those such as Weiber and Bross - and Peszek if she makes a long term comeback - being more than powerful enough to do so. It seems like nowadays, vault finalists and AA contenders rarely go together, the only one springing to mind being Pavlova. Johnson should definitely have had to vaults, but she wanted to concentrate on AA instead. I think the IOC/FIG need to sort this out to prevent gymnastics becoming a three event competition - my idea is that they should make it compulsory again to have two vaults, maybe not for AA but definitely in Prelims and maybe TF as well. That way every gymnast becomes eligible for vault final by default, exactly as they are on the three other events."

I particularly though what Sam had to say about vaulting was pertinent. I wonder if she is right about the compulsory two vaults. Things might get a little more interesting then.
And I too, am bored of the no beam mount. It s a brief opportunity for a gymnast to show some daring or at least some originality.
But press handstands? I have to admit, unless the gymnast makes some interesting variation on them, I am sooo bored of them!


  1. I agree on what you both said. And I think a lot of gym fans feel the same.

  2. Thanks for posting this! I am a girl by the way! :D

    And yeah, a press handstand isn't as interesting/preferable as a punch front, handspring or back layout, but at least it is a skill! Unlike the bloody jump!

    PS It would be much easier to make comments on your interesting posts if it didn't force me to leave a random URL every time :)

  3. I totally agree with Sam, there are few gymnasts that do two vaults, get the compulsory of two vaults in prelims (only in prelims is a good point)is a very good idea.

  4. Hmm... I heard that at least one of them is, maybe both- I just can't remember- Kayla Williams and/or Kytra Hunter of the US has/have two vaults. I THINK that Williams might even have an Amanar up her sleeve, but again, I'm not 100% on that. Peszek really could train two vaults if she puts her mind to it.

  5. Hi girl Sam! I just went into my settings to see if I could change the URL thing (though am not sure if i know what you mean- if it is what I am thinking, I don't think you have to fill that bit in) but there isno option that I can see for it.

  6. Well basically if you are commenting another blog it asks for your name and email, but here it asks for a name and URL if you do not have any of the types of accounts specified, which I don't. Thanks for trying though.

    Whoever said about Kayla and Kytra is right but I wrote that post aages ago before Covergirl and Nats... but I notice that they seem to be training the same vaults as A-Sac! Which would be boring. I also heard Peszek has a handspring layout full though I haven't seen any footage of that. I hope it's true though!

  7. Sam: You don't have to give an URL, I choose Name/URL but only give my name and it's fine.

    Even though it wasn't very difficult or impressive, I thought Yang Yilin's mount at the Olympics looked very pretty. I'm not too fond of the normal jump either.