Wednesday, August 12, 2009


So, the Los Angeles Times had an article about Nastia Liukin today or yesterday entitled "Nastia Finally Has the Floor to Herself".  What a crock.

Then it went on to talk about how , after "sharing headlines" with Shawn Johnson in Beijing that it will be Nastia liukin who gets to be "hogging the gymnastics spotlight this season." after so long.

So all of this bugged me beyond belief.  The  headline bugged me.  A gymnast always has the floor to herself- especially if she makes it her own, which, wether you like Nastia or not, you have to admit she does.

And all this going on about her finally having the attention to herself?  Nastia has had a motherload of attention since she did her first cartwheel as far as I concerned- and as far as she is probably concerned too!

I mean, how happy would Nastia really be that Shawn isn't there?  In the last few years Shawn  has been her greatest gymnastics rival.  I would think she might want to be competing against her, just for a real sense of competition.  That is the point of sport.  Even if it only to give her a good drubbing.

As for the "hogging" bit.  Go on, journalist, infantilise these gymnasts some more.  Nastia will be hogging the limelight like a stubborn infant who hasn't learned to share yet.  Or even worse, like a media-hungry b-grade starlet begging for the limelight! 

Come on!  This is a sport.  She is an athlete.  She will be competing.  Yes the limelight will be on her because she is Olympic Champion, but i think "oh goody, Shawn isn't here, I FINALLY have spotlight all to myself!" will be the last thing she is thinking,  If Nastia Liukin is half the gymnast I think she is, she will be thinking of her routines and how to win.

Sorry guys, this rant was more about bad writing than gymanstics itself, but seriously....

Anyway, going on recent discussions it seems to me we would all like some more gymnastics coverage in the media, but in some ways, I would prefer quality over quantity.
Be careful what you ask for and all that.

The article then went on to talk about Nationals, about who else was competing and how it would be the "Nastia show" even though she wasn't doing all around
It named Sloan, Bieger and Hong as the AA favorites.  What about Brossy?

I do have to say, though I think ALL gymnastics should get more attention, that I get a bit secretly happy when men's gymnastics gets one paragraph and the women get about twelve- on ly because it usually the other way round with other sports!


  1. named BIEGER as a favortie over Bross? It'll be a cold day in Hell. I still think Bridget is going to take the AA, but I think little miss Bross will be nipping at her heels the whole time. And that makes it exciting. Jana means well, but she is not even a contender, frankly.


  2. orgh that picture of liukin is cringeworthy. such DISTURBING hands!!