Saturday, August 22, 2009

How Did I miss This?

Seriously, how did I miss this nugget of gymnastics history?
So, I thought i had Daniela Silivas's career down.  I knew her success, her brilliant routines, her 10's, her post-career marriage and child. I knew her funny, funny hair, her rivalry with Shushanova, and of the knee injury that just about finished gymnastics for her.

And a lot of the time, when I am fact-checking, I often go to the invaluable Gymnastics Greats for my information or clarification.
So how in hell did i miss the bit of gymnastics history where Daniela Silivas nearly became A GEORGIA GYM DAWG!!!
It is there, clear as day on the page!  Daniela was offered a scholarship from them, wanted to take it, but was refused in the end because she did not meet satisfactorily with the English language requirements.  What a pity.  Imagine if we'd had Daniela for that bit longer?  At Georgia.  Just imagine.

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