Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happier Endings....

  A group of  Turkish children will be participating in an international gymnastics tour, as part of the Mardin Provinces Cutlure and Tourism project.  
The gym, part of a larger athletic facility, was built by a national athlete, Nuri Batir, after sixty children were orphaned after gunmen raided a wedding in the Bilge Village and forty-four people were killed.  This attack has been cited as the bloodiest attack to ever occur in the republic.
Small projects such as this are popping up all over Turkey. 

The gym has track, gymnastics, and swimming facilities and was built to help the children deal with the pain of losing their parents and work toward peace.  The children from Bilge train every day and recently came seventh out of fifteen different teams competing in a sports competition called the Anatolia Project.  The children will be called the "peace flowers group" during their tour. 
Thanks to the project. the village head says, "The children have started smiling again."

Read the entire Article at Today's Zamman

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