Tuesday, August 4, 2009

By the Way...

Picture from Gymbox

I've been asking and asking and no one has been able to tell me where Marissa King is at lately.  Now I am further confused.  The Huntingdon Gymnastics academy website says she is fighting for a place on that Worlds British Team, so she is definitely around. 
I wonder what her chances are.  Her strength is vault I suppose.

Then, I have heard vague whispers, not-even-rumours that she is going to be going to Florida to do NCAA Gymnastics with the Gators!  What gives?  Unfortunately the only things I have seen on the subject are other people asking about the rumour too.  Is there anyone who actually knows if this is true?
British Gymnast Nicole Willis who was in the 2004 Olympic Team went to Florida to compete.  

She graduated as a senior there last year.  Nicole said it took some adjustment, dealing with college and school, learning NCAA rules and getting to know people, but really enjoyed the experience.


  1. I think if I remember correctly, Marissa herself stated that she had been awarded a scholarship to compete for Florida in NCAA in a video on British Gymnastics. She is also definitely trying out for Worlds. Beth and Becky Downie are locks, so it is between her, Becky Wing and Hannah Whelan for the 3rd and 4th spots. Hannah did really well at Euros (9th AA in Quals, reserve for beam and floor finals) where Becky Wing had a bit of a disaster and was nowhere near qualifying for AA finals. However, Becky Wing did brilliantly at nationals, almost beating Becky Downie and winning several other medals. Hannah had a pretty disappointing nationals, finishing 5th AA and I think only winning 1 medal. Marissa made her first appearance of the year at nationals and also did well, placing 3rd AA. I think in the end it will come down to how well those 3 gymnasts do at trials as at the moment they're pretty close.

  2. Willis is doing the "standard" post-NCAA transition to Cirque du Soleil according to a Gators posting on the website. As far as I could see the only ones they had confirmed and publicised were Randy and Ashawnee, so no idea about Marissa. Even if it's for 2010-11 she will have to commit officially soon so all will be clear!

    Can you explain why Chloe Sims wasn't able to be a Ute? Can't understand the details...

  3. Chloe didn't pass the clearing house..

    Maris is def going to Florida for 08-09 IF she is passed by the clearing house. I think she should be ok, tho, esp given willis got through (no offence to her) and given king's academic pedigree.

    She will try for worlds too.