Saturday, August 22, 2009

A (belated) what I was thinking/ guessing game...

Yeah, it's taken me this long to watch day 2 of the US Nationals. .......

I had sound on the coverage I watched this time. Not sure if it was a blessing or a curse. Lord those commentators are numpties. Really. If I hear the term "coming out party" one more time from those sexist pigs, I am gonna set fire to NBC.

Sam Bam! Peszek's beam!! Holy toledo. It is so solid it is almost ridiculous!

I love Bridget Sloan. But for some reason, I can never take her "game face" seriously. Whenever she pulls her all-business expression before a routine, all I see and hear is this nervous little girl shrieking "how did I get here? What am I doing? Me? Beam routine? Me? National Champion?" Don't know what it is. But, as I say, I love her anyway.
Also, I kinda liked her raggy birds nest bun. For one, it wasn't a pouffy bump thing, and for another, at least it shows she's got a little bit of rebel in her.

Who is using Steliana Nistor's old floor music by the way. Anyone?

Lets play...

What's This?

It's Ivana Hong walking right past Al Fong. No eye contact. No howdy-doody. No "how's your Ma? By the way, thank Armine for my #@$%-hot execution scores". Yep, it's still the cold war in the Hong-Fong camp.

And what's this?

It's Ivvy being a good friend to Rebecca Bross after beam. Oh my heart ached for Brossy this day 2! I even got a bit teary for her during bars. 
To me, she is one of those outrageously talented gymnasts who aren't used to setbacks they can't fix like injuries and learning skills. Psychological setbacks are a whole new ballgame for the very young Miss Bross. I hope she finds a way through them, cos her skills pack a whollop. 
And quick, can those WOGA Ruskies inject just a teeny bit of grace into her floor?

I like Bridgey's two turns combined on beam, but the rest of it doesn't exactly light my fire. It doesn't even light a sparkler.... or a match. Sharp's need a chorey person. Though that can't be entirely it. Bridgey (did you realise her initials are BS? That's why I call her Bridgey. Also because she has the same name as me.) can command floor. So why can't she command beam?
Also, I don't want to be mean, but the girl needs help. Can someone show her how to blend foundation? And maybe select shades?

What's this?

It's Valeri hamming it up for the cameras. You know, I am really starting to like this guy. Maybe its because i am seeing him coaching other girls. It doesn't feel so much like the intense, insane father/daughter show. Seeing the improvements in Ivana Hong. Seeing his patience with Brossy, and his near-tenderness with her during that awful bars routine. The man is a master technician. That is for sure. I've always felt slightly dubious of him, but now, I am growing to like him. Also, I like how he congratulates the other girls he knows too.

And what's this?

Unfortunately, it's not Alicia @#$%-slapping Andrea Joyce, hollering  "That's for my post-team comp interview in Beijing you unfeeling old bag!"  That's kinda what I was hoping for.
And yes, Andrea, they are Asac's girls more than they would ever be yours.  If her comeback fails, I vote Alicia for your job when you and the rest of the NBC are forced to retire!

Much as I really do appreciate Ivvies nice form, lovely music and pretty posing on floor, sometimes she doesn't really move to the music. 
The girl really does know how to finish a routine though, doesn't she?

And, what is this?

One of my favorite moments of Day 2. (It was, really nice seeing Nastia play assistant coach to the other WOGA girls (in fact any gymnast that crossed her path). She is both encouraging and knows when to leave them alone. I noticed her crouched in the corner, intently checking Ivana's last tumbling pass.) 
This picture is the moment when she grabbed Ivana Hong, who was freaking out about something not being paid in her routine, and chided her "Hey, don't second guess yourself. You got it!"
Sweet! And she clearly knows Ivana well!


A demoralised gymnast? 
The closest Brossy got to a smile by the end? 
An "I'm not really gonna cry" expression?
Don't worry, Becca, you''ll get yours.  It's coming, girlie, it's coming.  And idiotface will say its your coming out party.

Lawd, while they're at Sharps showing Bridgey how to apply make up, can someone show Sammy how to hit a split?

What's this?

It's the hag, rubbing her hands together, thinking "Zoon I vill have zem at camp. Zen za giggles vill stop and zay vill be MINE!"

And finally, what's this in the WOGA sandwich?

The 2009 Visa National Champion. Der.

P.S my favorite funny moment is from the Bross after she nearly nailed vault.  She said, in front of the camera, "ooh I need to pee but I am not going to make it!"


  1. Oh it's seeing things like this that reminds me that I am of two minds about Nastia. I think Nastia would actually make a great coach, but I don't see her doing it with all the fame she's getting. If she does though, props to her. Ah, I have mixed feelings about Nastia. I think she's an overhyped gymnast with sloppy form, but she also has some great skills and clearly puts her sport first, which is great. I think my opinion of her would improve dramatically if I see her treating competitors the same way she treats her gym-mates.

    And Valeri's hilarious! And obviously a great coach. Must say I disagree about Rebecca Bross though. I think she's talented, but not as talented as people like to think she is. Yes she can throw skills (but seriously, all the good ones throw skills these days), but 90% of being a good athlete is knowing how to deal with injuries and days when you really aren't the best. But it's still early days, and if Bross improves her mental toughness and doesn't let the silly pressure of being WOGA'S THIRD BIG THING get to her, then she'd really make it.

    And Sloanie, what can I say? I was so glad to see a gymnast who was sensible about her hair (even in Beijing I wanted Sam and Nastia to put their hair up, dammit). I love that she's managed to stay down to earth despite it all. And I hope to see her stay on for a long, long time.

  2. The person with Nistor's music is Cincinnati gymnast Cassandra "Cassie" Whitcomb. Trust me, the second I heard it, I was like WTF?!? There are thousands if not millions of appropriate floor songs and you choose the music of one of the most popular gymnasts of the last quad? *sigh*

  3. I was kind of rooting for Asac to punch Andrea Joyce in the face myself. I had one of those little radio things at the meet, so I could hear Alicia and Steve's commentary, and it was SO much better than what was on tv. I was actually right behind where they were doing the commentary during the men's final, and when Andrea came over, my friend and I were debating whether or not we should throw stuff at her. We decided against it because we didn't want to accidentally hit Alicia, but it was a tough choice!

    Nastia was great during both nights of competition. She was always the first one to congratulate any of her friends from either WOGA or the National team when they finished a good routine, and she was also just about the first one there with words of encouragement when they didn't do so well.

  4. becauseofitall, I don't think you're being entirely fair to Bross.

    Do you know how much she's already accomplished? Junior national champion in 2007, in the AA AND 3 events, and 2nd on BB. She won EVERYTHING at the 2007 junior international, and the AA at the 2008 Pacific Rim as well as VT, BB, and FX. And those BB and FX victories were right after she peeled off UB on a stalder and hit her head. And was the only gymnast to beat a hit routine by Shawn Johnson in 2007 when she won FX at Pan Ams, and also finished 2nd AA. She's been out of competition for over a year. Her last comp before covergirl classic in July (where she was again injured) was the Jesolo meet in Italy in April of 2008. It wasn't like Nastia who competed at 06 worlds in October and was back out there by July. The girl needs numbers, she was only training fully for a couple weeks before nationals, and didn't even vault until days before. I'm pretty damn impressed she pulled out some good routines on such little training time.

  5. BTW I don't think we're allowed to call Sloan "Bridgey" because that's already Caquatto's nickname. Kinda like how Shapiro is Sami and Peszek is Sam.

  6. Yeah, MS, I am of two minds about the floor music thing. I mean it is never good when a gymnast takes a more famous gymnasts music and butchers it (not that I am saying this girl did), but i like the idea of it being chosen because it inspires a gymnasts.
    And Marcus, Sloan will always be the first Bridgey to me. I am revolting aganst Caquatto's nomer. She can be Bridgey 2 in my camp.
    And yeah, Marcus I agree, Because of it all, i think you are beinga bit tough with Bross. But then I really like her. That helps. I hope she gets tougher.

  7. I am sick to death of hearing Alicia Sacramone's floor music (courtesy of Morgan Steigerwalt). In the in house commentary, Alicia was saying, "WTF, that girl has my music. I'm so sick of it."