Thursday, August 20, 2009

Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oy! Oy! Oy!

Yep, i will be doing a bit of the patriotic ole poolside chant at the London O2 dome in October when the Australians get up and do their thing 
(I really  hope the British don't get as dirty as the Italians when you cheer for another country next to them!!! I got some filthy looks when iwas cheering for Tweddle on floor!)

So, the Australian Gymnastics Blog (well, really, it was Gymnastics Australia, but who goes there when we have the far more amusing and analytical ABG to read the news on?) anounced the Australian Team for the World Championships. The ladies in question are;

Georgia Bonora
Lauren Mitchell
Shona Morgan 
Larissa Miller.

Me? On the Team? Again?

So you'll probably recognise at least the names of the first three who are Olympic veterans now.  I am hoping and a'praying for a event finals spot for Mitchell, as well as some serious AA finalling for a couple of the girls.  Shona Morgan placed 15th in Beijing in the AA.  Georgia finished 13th. She has had ankle operations, but is apparently back and fighting! I hope she can do even better.  Larissa Miller is considered something of a bars specialist for Australia with (last I heard) a 5.8 difficulty, which doesn't sound like much in the grand elite scheme, but it's big for our girls!  

As mentioned before, the Australians have decided to take another group of gymnasts just to give them an idea of what the big competitions are like and a sense of travelling and competing (i feel like they may be competing in a meet somewhere too, but that could be WAY wron)g.  This group includes some very, very talented little 'uns, Brit Greeley, Emma Dennis, Emily Little, Emma Collister and Fiona Coley.
Are you sensing a bit of a name trend in Australia in the early nineties?!  I am.
I hope they watch, and learn...

Anyway, GO GIRLS!!!!
Also, what I really, really want to know is, will Liz Chetkovich get teary (or at least a little bit choked up) if we win a medal? That, I'd love to hear.....


  1. I am still sad that Dasha's broken. I hope she won't give up on gymnastics! Maybe she could do NCAA in the states, that has become more common for Aussie girls as of late. Could you imagine her competing for UCLA?

  2. Its very sad about Dasha. I read that UCLA did want her but she turned them down to continue elite. She has started uni in Perth, I'm pretty sure but I am not sure if that makes her ineligible for NCAA. I know they are pretty strict. It just doesn't seem fair that injury ruined her olympics and it now appears to be career ending.