Thursday, July 23, 2009


Svetlana:  Zee, I tell you, zay were verry tasteful.  Glamour shots only.

Pavs: Green light. Red light. Vot is ze difference? Is time vor a dreenk.

Steli: Pavs said we should try it.  She said it would help us perform.

Steli:  And that's when I convinced her to have Pav's special concentrated energy "drink".  And that's when she got up on the beam.  And that's her having a little lie down under it.

I know, I know, it's all about blood, sweat and tears, but how did I end up cleaning it all up?

Mariana: You eediot! You fool!  I zed turn right at ze intersection!  Zis eez not a stadium!  Zees eez a beelding site! 

Simona: So, where are our coaches?
Maria: Dunno.  Last time I saw them they were right behind the bus.
Simona: What are we gonna do without coaches?
Maria: I'll be coach.
Simona: Um, okay.
Maria: Simona, get up there and do your beam routine.  You fall and you do 800 squat jumps before bed tonight, okay?
Simona: You're really good at this!

Bridget: If I get out of this alive, everything is going to be okay.  Really.

Courtney: Oh you think you're so good with your hip hop, McCool.  Well I got the funky Ostrich going on!

McCool: You're talking to me?  Seriously?  You are telling me to bring it.  Me?  


  1. Good lord I love these posts. Ha!

  2. classic :) can anyone date the first pic of nastia and svetlana - looks like its from 2006 - can anyone confirm?

  3. Yeah seriously, where did you find that Nastia/Sveta/Sexy Aleksei pic? That's a classic!

  4. Hehe, it looks like Stela missed Ana's lips slightly. :D

  5. w00t! I love these.