Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sandra Izbasa News

Well, it looks like Sandra Izbasa is going the way of many of her athletic forebears and is heading off to study at the renowned "Babes- Bolyai" University in Cluj Napoca in the faculty physical education.  Nicolae Forminte told the press that Sandra chose 'Kinetotherapy' to "continue a family tradition, especially since her parents work in the field."

Sandra achieved 9.71 in her Baccalaureate exam in the NationalAthlete College where she studies between training.  She took exams in oral English, Romanian language and literature, mastery of sports (can't see much of a problem there!!) and geography.  Her 9.71 average and her title of Olympic champion helped get her into the course.

I spent some time in Cluj-Napoca earlier this year.  The area around the Babes-Bolyai University is pretty.  The town is small, but nice and has a really young, fun, feel to it.  If she gets to actually study on campus after retiring, she will have a great time.  

In 2008, Head Coach Nicolae Forminte and her beam coach Liliana Cosma were awarded by the Babes Bolyai for their coaching work at a conference entitled "Contemporary Paradigms of Sports Science.  

Also, somebody told me that Oana Ban runs a gymnastics school in Cluj.  I think it is the same place she also trained as a young gymnast, becoming the the next big thing out of the "Viitoral" club since Vanda Hadarean when she emerged as a junior.

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