Saturday, July 11, 2009

Leaving on a jet plane....

So, the days of Catalina Ponor's publicity hounding (oops did I say that?) around Romania are numbered.  Her mother Carmen has confirmed that yes, she will indeed respond to one of the offers she has had from clubs to work overseas, coaching.   In a recent interview, Catalina said she would probably teach in Italy, because it is closer to home.  In another, she had said she would like to work with Teodora Ungareanu at her gym in the United States.  The most recent news seems to be that she would go to the states, but who knows until it happens?  It's funny how much news and gossip there is about Romanian gymnasts out there.  They have a level of celebrity that most other countries (except the states of course!) don't really enjoy.  Catalina seems to have been, as I have said before, Romania's answer to paris Hilton of late!!! 

Well, whatever happens, it seems Cata is ready to get down to some serious work. She is getting her license from the faculty of Physical Education at Constanta and is ready to go. I wonder how it would feel to have Catalina Ponor as your beam coach. I don't know if i would be scared or excited! I just hope she didn't learn too much from Mariana Bitang.

If she gave me one of her looks....I would probably be scared!

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  1. At least Catalina got a college education. I don't think Paris Hilton ever did that. ;)