Saturday, June 6, 2009

Youth Gathers Experience.....

At Ploiesti.  

So, Amelia, the newest wunderkind of Romanian gymnastcs has taken out the all-around crown at the Romanian Internatonal in Ploiesti this weekend.  Amelia is only just  coming off her win at the Lugano Trofeo contest last week and is heading to the Youth Olympic festival next month.

 Amelia told Prosport that she found the Lugano competition more difficult than the International, because the competition was bigger (Thanks for the peeps who pointed out i wrote it the wrong way around!).  
Everything at Ploiesti, however,  went as well as planned.  It seems she is learning to deal well with the pressure of serious competition because she claimed she was feeling a few emotons at the beginning of the contest, but "got over them" to compete well.

 She feels she is getting good competition experience and that this is giving her greater confidence.  Her goals are to win individual and all-around gold medals in competition at the Olympic Youth Festival this year.
When asked if she felt the pressure of expectation of her talent, Amelia said she felt the expectations but didn't feel as though she was being pushed to much.    She is improving on her difficulty at the moment to make her more competitive, including her bar work, a dismount and vaulting.
Tomorrow, her wish is to win every apparatus final in Ploiesti!


  1. There are videos at the link below if you're interested. I think the young Romanians actually look more promising than the Romanian juniors did this time 4 years ago. I wouldn't be surprised if they shocked everyone by staying on the podium yet again in 2012.

    Porgras' ef beam was gorgeous and I enjoyed Trenca on floor- reminded me slightly of Lobaznyuk.

  2. I'll be honest, I don't know a thing about romanian gmnasts.