Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Totally Committed #2

The Utes

Well, Utah had a big recruiting line up this year. It was sadly marred a little by Chloe Sims being rejected by the NCAA clearinghouse. Despite passing her SAT's- a totally foreign test that is always having to be passed in films to us Australians- and getting great grades, Chloe didn't have the requisite core subjects to make it through the stringent NCAA requirements.

There are, however, some just as exciting prospects coming from within the U.S for Utah.

Katelyn Mohr is a well-known international elite gymnast from California. Katelyn made a play for the 2008 Olympic Team last year and will bring huge experience to Utah. She placed sixteenth at the 2008 U.S Nationals after competing on three events (not vault) and won the Brestyans Invitational and the Level Ten U.S Classic . She will be a fabulous addition to a college team, with high level skills already in place. She loves performing front tumbling skills and arabians.
Katelyn has been homeschooled for high school and it will be very interesting to see how she copes with a college education. The supportive Utah campus environment should help her adjust.

Megan Whitney, who calls Salt Lake City home, has always dreamed of going to Utah. Megan competes with the Desert Devils and has been the Level Ten state all-around champion three times. Though she originally verbally committed to Denver she changed to her first choice, the Utes. Megan is known for her excellent vaulting.

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