Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Still Dreaming up Dream Teams!

More people have sent in Dream Teams from our Dream Team Game.
If you want to play, read the original Dream Team post for the rules, have a go at making up your own, and email it to me at listaday@gmail.com and I will post it. Have Fun!!


Here is karen's team. I linked to it, but she wants it posted here too! Lots of lovely lines in this group. Love that Adriana Pop and Boris Pilkin are in the coaching crew.

Team name: The Best of the Best

Oksana Omelianchik (AA, floor)
Lilia Podkopayeva (AA, floor)
Olessia Dudnik (AA, floor, beam, vault)
Aurelia Dobre (AA, floor, bars, beam)
Yang Bo (beam, bars)
Terin Humphrey (AA, floor, bars, beam)

Reserves: Daniela Silivas, Natalia Laschenova

Coaches: Adrian Goreac, Boris Pilkin, Adriana Pop

(Yang Bo)

Why I chose who: I chose Oksana Omelianchik because...... well, does this really need explaining? Oksana was a great all-around gymnast, and was most credited for her beeeyuuutiful floor routine. It was really playful, childlike, yet artistic at the same time. Her tumbling was quite unique, too. She was good in all the apparatus, her worst event being vault, but I chose her for just AA and floor because these, to me, were the areas she was most remarkable in.

Lilia, I chose for similar reasons to those I stated about Oksana. The only difference is that her dance was not the same. I wanted to put her on beam, but, even though I’m ignoring any limit rules, I think I chose enough girls to go on beam.

I think that every gymnastics fan can see why Olessia could easily make it in any team. I love her floor routine, it’s so elegant. Her beam routine was really difficult, and still is today. I chose her as the only vaulter because her vault is so clean and precise. Her bar routine was decent, not outstanding, in my opinion, (but her mount was amazing). All these great qualities make a great all-arounder, too.

Aurelia Dobre is sadly underrated, even though she’s one of the best gymnasts Romania’s ever had. With consistency, difficulty, and grace on all events, she made a great AA gymnast. Her floor routine was so artistic and original, her form on bars was outstanding, and her beam routine is, well, just plain gorgeous. She’s a top beam worker for sure.

Yang Bo is the. Best. Beam. Worker. Ever. Talk about difficulty and PERFECT form. And I am talking P-E-R-F-E-C-T. She usually made at least one mistake in her routines, but I chose her despite inconsistency. Her bar routines aren’t very difficult at all, but she just performs so cleanly and all, I had to choose her.

Terin Humphrey, like Aurelia Dobre, was, and is, underrated. Despite her terrible make-up, her gymnastics was really good. Her floor choreo was exceptional, in my opinion. Her beam routine was packed with difficult elements, and her bars routine was really good too. Her vaults were good, but there’s something about double twisting Yurchenko’s (or Yurchenko’s at all) that just doesn’t impress me, unless it's Dunik who's performing them.

I know, it seems like a crime to put Silivas and Laschenova as reserves but I just prefer the other athletes.

Adrian Goreac was my first choice as a coach because he produced some, if not the, best gymnast Romania’s ever had. I chose Boris Pilkin because he was Svetlana Khorkina’s coach, and my, what a gymnast he produced. Adriana Pop was chosen because she was Ludivine Furnon’s choreographer, and well, I don’t know that many coaches."

The Next person didn't put a Team Name in, but I will just use the term from their description of why they chose these people as the team name. I love the coaches in this one too! Love the team psychologist. Clever. Ukraine should take a leaf out of your book!

Team: Profuse Gorgeousness!

(Ma Yanhong)

Yang Bo/ bb
Natalia Shaposhnikova/ vt bb fx
Cheng Fei/ vt, ub, fx
Ma Yanhong/ ub
Natalia Yurchenko/ vt ub
Olga Mostepanova/ bb fx

Alternates: Aurelia Dobre, Svetlana Boginskaya

Why The team was chosen: profuse gorgeousness. Yurchenko may do floor instead of Shaposhnikova; they can decide.
Cheng Fei on bars will be wonderful because 1. the bars are the old bars, and 2. look at our coaches!

(Olga Mostepanova)

Vladislav Rastorotsky http://www.gymn-forum.net/Articles/SL-Rast.html
Boris Pilkin, ingenious innovator
Lu Shanzhen, who loves form, line, shapes, technique
Sports psychologist Yelena Patterkin I do not think these girls are known for their consistency, so if they intend to win, she may have to be called upon to cultivate some tanktitude. hopefully we will not need her.

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