Monday, June 1, 2009

Some more Dream Teams...

Here are two more Dream Teams for the game.  If you want to play, refer back to the original Dream Team Game post, read upon how to do it, dream up your own perfect team and email it to  

Here is yet another one entirely devoted to U.S members.

The Team USA Superstars

Nastia Liukin (AA) (UB,BB) FX UB BB
Alicia Sacramone(FX,VT) FX VT
Shayla Worley (BB,UB) (UB) BB
Chellsie Memmel (AA) UB VT
Courtney Kupets (AA) (UB,BB) UB
Shawn Johnson (AA) (BB,UB,FX) FX BB VT


Ivana Hong
Jana Beiger

Valerie Liukin
Liang Chow
Kelli Hill (I don't know if shes coached in an olympics or worlds but she has coached somebody that went to the olympics so... if she can't then Marta)
Bela Karoyli

Reasons: Before you say anything I did not mean to have All Americans! It turned out that way.
Nastia Liukin: I definatly want her to do the AA. She has such grace that I couldn't resist putting her on floor. Uneven Bars and Balance Beam speak for themselves...
Alicia Sacramone: She deserves a third chance!!!! Floor and Vault are amazing for her...
Shayla Worley: I always wanted her to be on the 2008 olympic team. I love her beam so that is why she is competing Beam in the Team Final.
Chellsie Memmel: Foot injuries make me sad...third chance for her too. She is an amzing AA and has really beautiful bar routine...Vault....I needed someone....
Courtney Kupets: Beautiful bars!
Shawn Johnson: Is a great All Arounder that can be used for every event...but UB was given to somebody else this olympics.
Valeria Liukin: Has produced great gymnasts,knows how to spot out the tiniest mistakes, is really great coach in general!
Liang Chow: I think he knows what he's doing...great to gymnasts...
Kelli Hill: Seems to not produce many injuries.
Bela Karoyli: I need a good experiances coach. Not head coach though...
Marta: Just cause...
Here are two more dream teams to contribute to the game.
Once again, if you want to play, look over the original Dream Team post introducing the game, dream up your own team and email it to me at

Here is another team with an interesting mix of gymnasts from across the ages;

Team Technicians

Cheng Fei VT, BB, FX (VT, FX)
Tatiana Lyssenko AA (VT, FX)
Svetlana Boguinskaya AA (VT, BB, UB)
Lilia Podkopayeva AA (BB, FX)
He Kexin VT, UB (UB)
Nadia Comaneci (UB, BB, FX) (UB, BB)

Alternates: Daniela Silivas, Shannon Miller

Team coaches: Lu Shanzhen, Bela Karoyli, Octavian Belu

Reasons: I picked my team based on those with good difficulty but also great lines and technical execution. Ok, so maybe bogui doesn't have the highest difficulty, but she sticks everytime and she's the goddess of gymnastics, how could I not include her!
Silivas and Miller are my alternates as they are great all arounders and could replace any team member.


  1. I liked these teams

    my one problem was the vaulting choices in TF, Boginskaya over He Kexin? and Memmel...

    good stuff otherwise lol

  2. I put mine on my blog: