Sunday, June 14, 2009

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Mostepanova Fan

Well Mostepanova (THE SHE for all y'all arguing about it out there!) has kept the goodies coming, this time with wrap-ups of her favorite floor and beam routines which, as I said about the beam ones- IF you haven't seen these routines, you should treat Mostepanova fan's montages and code videos as your GYMNASTICS EDUCATION! 
I mean it. If you are a new gym fan and only like the Nastia's and Shawn's of today, that is great. But if you want to see some old gymnastics, even just to see how we have arrived at the state the sport is in now (in good and bad ways) Mostepanovafan's videos show some of the greatest, most innovative, graceful and influential routines in gymnastics history. Use them wisely gym fans!

The Floor List

The floor list was quite a predictable lot once you have a grip on Mostepanova's gymnastics taste, but that doesn't make them much less brilliant. She also includes a list of others she considered using, which is great, because I agree that floor would be the hardest to narrow down to five favorites.
I love Naimushina's dance. Always have. Was a bit nervous for her very low double pike at the beginning though!
I have always been in two minds about Camelia Voinea's breakdance routine. While i truly appreciate and admire it for its originality and excitement, I find breakdance very clunky in a floor routine. It gives me the same kind of mild irritation that the NCAA hip hop routines give me. But then, maybe I am just an old stick-in-the-mud.
The Lilipod's floor is a classic, and I personally am a fan of it's obvious referencing of traditional ballet form. She was so well-trained in dance. And the tumbling? Woot!
Omelianchik's birdie routine is nothing short of seminal in this sport. It was innovative in so many ways.
I realy, truly appreciate her inclusion of Filatova's because it is such a winning combination of pure grace and some really innovative modern moves. And this was long before Bogey pulled out the balletic air guitar!

The bars is an interesting set of routines too. Here, Mostepanovafan is giving full and due credit to the innovators in this particular event. Even the ones that didn't make it are a particularly interesting bunch of gymnasts. I was pleased to see she included the underrated Kochetkova and Severino in her cutlist.

The Bars List

I had never actually seen Wu Jiani's bars set before. Holy cow! How cool was that first release? And what a slow. deliberate bar worker! It was almost excruciatingly slow. But beautiful too! I watched it about five times! Pity about the clunky cowboy legs coming off the release.
I have been a long-time fan of Mukhina's bar work. I've always wondered how come she was allowed to do that standing back flip off the high bar? I thought it was banned after Korbut? Bar routines like Mukhina's reminds me of how much we have lost in bars work since the bars were set further apart and the big swinging started. I miss all the crazy transfers and constant innovation. And I LOVE that dismount!
Oh and I'd forgotten about the Li Li combination. It is so very, very cool. I love how the commentator calls it the dislocation position! Well actualy i don't love the term. It kind of makes me wince because it reminds me of all those pictures we see of Chinese kids hanging from the bar in the 'dislocation' position, stretching themselves to achieve that grip. Yow!
I adore Ma Yanhong's dismount and her split position, which i think was one of the most beautiful EVER.
Her top pick is politically charged in a way because it is Kim Gwang Suk's dive from bassinet to bar at the 1991 World Championships. Well, she was still seriously underage here, but how good was that routine?


  1. I don't know if you know this or not but Lilia was on the Ukranian version of Dancing with the Stars... I have the video somewhere but if not Youtube it. She's amazing.

    Wu Jiani's bars look slow in part due to her height and the closeness of the bars. She looks somewhat taller.

  2. Havnet watched the floor yet but I think I could watch those bars over and over and over. What on earth was that second release that Sak did? THat was incredible. And was that a full twisting Korbut? That was INSANE. I wish Korbuts weren't banned. I want to see more of this awesome style...although I cannot imagine how bruised their hips must have been!

  3. I can't help but to appreciate Voinea's dance because she really puts her whole body into it, unlike many gymnasts who do it mostly with their arms and legs, giving the dance a very disjointed look. It's a very modern look, but very well done.

    I was very surprised to not see Mostepanova in the floor faves!

  4. I actually think it's impossible to get as creative with the bars we have now a days, as the girls in the top 5 for bars. That's sad.