Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Formal Apology....

Very sorry about the radio silence.  Am in the process of finishing up and handing in my Masters thesis and working five nights.  Time is, as you can imagine, a little tight at the moment.  But as soon as this puppy is handed in, I will be back!  I promise!

See you soon!


  1. best wishes!! :D

  2. Wow, finishing your Master degree!! That's my everyday dream.
    I should take advantage of your radio silences to work harder one mine, but nope, I just love your blog too much!

    Congrats anyway!!!

  3. Can't wait :)
    and good luck!

  4. Don't feel bad - when I saw the title of this, I was afraid that you were abandoning the blog altogether!! I'm just relieved to see that you're not.

    Good luck with the thesis. :)

  5. Who do you think you are??!?!!? Abandoning us for your EDUCATION?!! How DARE you!!!!


    good luck ;-)

  6. Good luck! I'm suffering through grad school for the second time. You have my sympathy.

  7. Good luck! You're going to do well!