Saturday, June 6, 2009

Footloose, yes, but Flipping?

Apparently there has been a little bit of expectation around Gossip Girl star, Chace Cawford's planning on starring in the remake of the eighties dance film Footloose, after Zac Effron dropped out of the movie about a town that forbids dance for its wayward youth.  Even Kevin Bacon, the original star has had a word to say, reminding Chase of how tight the pants have to be for that role!
Blake Lively, on the other hand, was shocked to even hear that Chase got the part, because she'd never seen him dance.  And Blake has not forgotten the fact that Bacon's character was a gymnast.  She is looking forward to seeing Chase deal with that.

"I just want to see the gymnastics part.  I'm most excited about that!"

Something tell me Chace will not be doing all of that!  Something tells me, Kevin didn't do all those moves, either!
"I don't know if the gymnastics high bar scene is going to make it in." Chace told reporters, "I need to start stretching now!"

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