Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Congratulations to.....


So, Kim Bui won the German National Championshsips for women. I am very happy to hear that because I have become very fond of this gymnast. Only two nights ago I was watching her floor routine at the Tyson American Cup and thinking what a lovely, elegant floor worker she is. I also remember her very fondly from the European Championsships qualifications because I just felt so sorry for her cos she was having one heck of a bad day. I believe she won my Splatfest of the Day Award at the Euros!

Well it looks like there was no such splatting for her at these Championships considering there are a lot of talented German girls at the moment (some are out with injuries though) competing for the championships.
For those of you who don't know much about Kim, she was alternate to the Beijing Olympic Team but decided to continue training after as she still felt great affection for the sport. She told International Gymnast magazine that she would do it as "long as I have fun and time" to do it.

Kim's mother is Vietnamese and her father is from Laos, but she was raised in Germany. Kim really showed her talents at the American Cup this year, where she placed third, trying out the elements she wanted to use at the Europeans Championships. The Euros were not, however, the meet she planned on. She placed 16th in the AA and fifth in the vault finals.

Bui has been coached by various former Russian gymnasts, which is telling in her lovely form and execution. Kim is 20 and her training partner is the younger Marie- Sophie Hindermann. Kim says she tries to help Hindermann with certain things like performance failures and other things that one only learns through experience, but that she has also learned from Hindermann's strength and determination.
Kim is starting university soon and was unsure at the time of her february interview with IG, if she would continue on to the 2009 Worlds, let alone the London Olympics. Maybe with the German Championships under her belt, she might just consider it.

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  1. Actually Kim did fall, on bars, so could have scored even better. But she won as most of her main competitors fell too! I agree though, I like her.