Saturday, June 6, 2009

Beaming Like You

Wouldn't Believe!

So Mostepanovafan, the Youtube whizz kid with the awesome code-decoding videos, and catalogues of gymnastics skill that every self-respecting gymnastics fan must watch and learn if they didn't know every single thing already, has posted her (pretty sure it's a her) five favorite beam routines together in a video on Youtube. Even if you don't agree with the choices, watch and be blown away anyway by these orgiinal and exciting beam routines. 

I particularly adored seeing Svetlana Grozdova's routine because I had never seen it before. Wow. Talk about sticking to what you are good at!!  I love how one of the commenters said they loved its slower pace, and that it was not "Shawn Johnson barreling down the beam at warp speed"!!!  Now I love me some Shawn, but that was pretty funny!
Mostepanova fan is clearly a fan of beautiful handstand work, as am I. I just love it when a gymnast tumbles from a handstand position like Mostepanova does. I Love how one of the judges is clapping her after her routine too!
I always thought Kui Yuanyuan looked a Little bit robotic on beam, but who cannot gasp at her layout full twist?  And her wolf jump was absolutely exquisite!
Dudnik's routine is gorgeous and her dismount a stunner.
And Yango Bo.....what can you say?  That routine was over too quickly as far as I am concerned.  Could watch her all day.


  1. I loved everything except Dudnik's leaps. Oh my.

  2. By tha way, MostepanovaFan is a he. From a Gymnastics coaching post on May 25

    "- Steph, age-22.
    - A major gymnastics fan, particularly anything from the 80s (Long live that decade, except the outfits)
    - Country: United Kingdom
    - Occupation: Student, University of Kent "

    Awsome guy!

  3. wouldn't the name steph make her a she?

  4. I really really am not a he. I am very much a she.

    Thank you for posting about my video :)

    Definately a she.

  5. I LOVE the 80's in gymnastics.Especially the russians. Just so you know, It's not becasue I'm russian, because I'm not russian. Mostepanova is pretty good on beam, and creative. Oh yeah, and Dudnik's leaps are pretty good. Annother girl who belongs on this list is Oksana Omelianchick. She is very entertaining on beam, and never shows the slightest bit of losing balance. Though she may not attempt the hardest skills, she has some creativity in dance moves.

  6. Miss your updates couchy...hope everythings okay down under!

  7. Anyone who goes on about Nastia being the most graceful gymnast EVAR should take a look at these routines, especially Yang Bo.

  8. Yang Bo?
    forget the score she had in china cup. should get a perfect 10.
    forget her dismount in worlds 89 and 90. i agree we could just watch her all day, forget all those scores and medals and just watch her.
    by the way, her falling in worlds ef and barcelona olympics are so much much more heartbreaking than Cheng Fei did not win vault gold.