Friday, June 5, 2009

Another Heat of the World's Prettiest Leotard....

Vote for your favorite in the poll on the side!

Pink and White (Weird to see Chengy out of Red and Gold!)

Purple and White

China Stars

Romanian Junior

Red and Black

Pink and Purple

Marbled Purple


  1. euuuuh.... Some of these leos should be in the other poll. Cheng's pink one for example. It makes her look like she is six again.
    And I am not a fan of the marbled purple one either.

  2. hi,
    I like the Chinese Stars a lot. Very cute. But I am not so sure about the rest....

  3. Yeah well, a lot of these are sent to me. I don't always agree either! But fairs fair, juste for the ones you like.

  4. The "Red and Black" looks a bit eighties. But the China Star is really cute!

  5. These leos look like my baby sister picked them!