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Another Dream Team!

Yet another contribution to the Dream Team game.  If you want to play, read this.

This Dream Team Creator wanted you guys to know that they just began following gymnastics in the last few years, so they are only familiar with recent gymnasts and those they have been able to access on Youtube.  So if any important gynasts are left out, this is why.

I don't think it matters too much.  The Dream Team game is about personal choice anyway.  Love the team name and the reason for choosing Oana ban on beam- she is Romanian,  that's that!

Team name: I Can’t Stop Watching



Lilia Podkopayeva (vt ub fx) (vt fx)
Mo Huilan (aa) (vt, ub)
Oana Ban (vt, bb, fx) (bb, fx)
Ekaterina Lobaznyuk (aa) (vt, bb, fx)
Yang Yilin (vt, ub, bb) (ub)
Dominique Moceanu (ub, bb fx) (ub, bb)


Reserves: Courtney Kupets, Anna Pavlova


Kelli Hill
Liang Chow
Valeri Liukin
Martha Karolyi


Lilia Podkopayeva: Tumbling=awesome, chorearaphy=awesome, and her form is good to! I’m not really sure why people complain about her bars so much, because I thought they were fun to watch!
Mo Huilan: She’s got the difficulty, her form is amazing, and I LOVE her bars!
Oana Ban: She's got power, she's got presence! Watch her floor from TF in the 2004 Olympics and you’ll see what I mean.
Ekaterina Lobaznyuk: I LOVE her floor, LOVE her beam, and bars and vault are good to! But floor and beam…wow. Plus I don't know of any other gymnast who uses klezmer music for their floor routine. And klezmer is catchy!
Yang Yilin: Form! Plus I needed someone good on bars, and she's amazing! And her beam is great.
Dominique Moceanu: This would be the Dominique from 1996 that we’re talking about. Awesome floor, awesome beam, great bars…and a huge smile!


Courtney Kupets: Ok, I know a bunch of people are going to hate me for putting her as a reserve. But here’s my reasoning. (1)Her most entertaining gymnastics was in college, and that really just isn’t a high enough level of difficulty for elite. (2)She could easily step up for any event, and isn’t that what you want in an alternate? I know my reasoning isn't the best, but whatever.
Anna Pavlova: Her gymnastics is BEAUTIFUL and she's got all the skills! But I did have to also consider consistency, so I put her as an alternate.

Kelli Hill: She can stay calm, and hopefully keep the girls calm and focused.
Liang Chow: He's just a great coach, and I trust him to make good decisions for the team.
Valeri Liukin: I kind of didn't want to have him as a coach, just because he's been on pretty much every team so far. But once I thought about it a little more I put him on, because of all the reasons he's on every other team! 
Martha Karolyi: She can spot the tiny things.
I'm not really sure who the head coach is. Probably Liukin or Chow.


VT: Lilia, Mo Huilan, Ekaterina, Yang Yilin, Oana
UB: Yang Yilin, Mo Huilan, Lilia, Ekaterina, Dominique
BB: Oana, Ekaterina, Yang Yilin, Mo Huilan, Dominique
FX: Lilia, Mo Huilan, Oana, Ekaterina, Dominique

Choosing the gymnasts for prelims was not very hard on vault or bars. For beam, I left Lilia out because I heard in a few places that she was inconsistent on beam. Is that true? If it isn't, then I'd be in pretty much the same situation that I was in on floor, which is that I absolutely LOVE every single floor routine! I finally left out Yang Yilin, because I just couldn't leave out Dominique's "Devil went down to georgia"! I don't really remember why I was so set on having Mo Huilan compete on floor, but I'm sure there was a good reason! (the other 3 girls were already competing floor in finals, so I put them in)

VT: Lilia, Ekaterina, Mo Huilan (Oana)
UB: Yang Yilin, Mo Huilan, Dominique (Lilia)
BB: Oana, Ekaterina, Dominique (Yang Yilin)
FX: Lilia, Oana, Ekaterina (Dominique)

The gymnasts in parentheses are the alternate on that event.

On vault, Lilia and Ekaterina both have difficult vaults, and Mo Huilan's DTY is amazing.
For bars, Yang Yilin and Mo Huilan were easy. Dominique's bars is like a kid on the playground.
On beam, Oana is Romanian, Ekaterina's beam is beautiful, and Dominique is just good! (plus her mount is cool!)
Floor, I think, is the strongest event. I could put anyone up! I chose Lilia because she has the best floor I have EVER seen, Oana because, well, go watch her 2004 Olympic TF floor, and Ekaterina because I love the routine!

Gymnasts I wanted to include on the team, but didn't:
Olga Korbut: I'm not actually sure why I didn't have her on the team...
Nadia Comaneci: Same for her...
A lot of gymnasts from the 80's I don't know the names of: Difficulty of today, but still with the elegance!
Samantha Shapiro: Amazing form, and a huge smile! She probably would have been on the team, but she hasn't competed at worlds or Olympics yet.
Jiang Yuyuan: Her floor speaks for itself.
Lizzy Leduc: :)
He Kexin: WOW bars.
Ivana Hong: I actually had her on the team at first, before I replaced her by Mo Huilan and moved her to an alternate position. Then I replaced her again by Anna Pavlova. I LOVE her form!
Diane Dos Santos: Her tumbling is awesome!
Svetlana Khorkina: She would have been on the team if I'd actually wanted her. I don't know. I guess I just didn't want the drama queen?
Beth Tweddle: Her. Bars. Is. Insane.
This is by no means a full list, just who I can think of right now!

Bela Karolyi: Seeing as this is team "Can't Stop Watching" I thought it would be funny to have him coach. But in the end I decided that the gymnastics is amazing enough!

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