Wednesday, June 3, 2009

And While We're on the Subject.....

When i was doing a little research on Maria Zasypkina the other day, I came across this old International Gymnast interview writer John Crumlish had with five young Russian gymnasts in 2001. The gymnasts were Maria, Anna Pavlova, Natalia Uchevatkina, Yelena Anoshina and Lidia Sidorova.

 Along with getting them to talk about how they started in the sport; how they looked up to seniors Khorkina and Produnova; and about their friendships with each other- one of my favorite bits of this interview was when Crumlish asked them to tell him something about each other.

John was smart enough to tell them they were not allowed to just say 'nice' about each other! Their responses turned out to be funny, sweet, enlightening and imaginative, particularly Natalia Uchetvakina's whose description of the girls performing was so vivid and true. I thought I would share with those who haven't read this interview before.

Natalia Uchevatkina: When lena does her floor routine, she always does such a great job, and sometimes she even stares at the judges in such a way it makes them give her a higher score. Anya (Pavlova) looks so little, but nevertheless, when she does gymnastics, her tricks are so big that all of a sudden she seems a lot bigger. Masha like to crack jokes and play around in practice. Lida has a creative imagination and always helps to put together our dance routines for warm-ups, stretching and exhibitions.

Maria Zasypkina: Anya was so little that she did not think she could make it to the national team, but she had so much talent that, with the help of her mom, she made it. Natasha is the prettiest girl on the junior national team, and she always gets praises. Lena is very shy. Lida is simply a good girl.

Anna Pavlova: Natasha tells lots of jokes and entertains everyone, she is very funny. Everybody on the team is pretty, funny, nobody is down often. If someone is down, everyone else helps her out.

Lidia Sodorova: Anya is always laughing, she has a very good sense of humour. Masha is always deep in thought.- gone somwhere in her own world, thinking. Lena is a good girl and a bit shy. Natasha performs well on the bars, and as a person, she is the one who does a really good job of psyching the girls up.

Yelena Anoshina: Masha likes to study and do homework. Natasha likes to clean up, she likes everything always to be tidy. Anya likes to go to the swimming pool with all the girls. Lida likes to make snowballs.

(International Gymnast April 2001, John Crumlish)

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