Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Worlds Worst Leotard Contest

The Worst of the Ukes!

This weeks Worst Leotard Heat is going to be devoted to the Ukrainians. My problem with the Ukrainian wardrobe (well, actually, I have several problems with it) is not so much the patterns, though they can be, at times, questionable. Often, it is the cut that bothers me most- and their tendency toward using velvet, stocking fabric, sleeveless cuts and strangling neck lines- none of which i find terribly flattering. If you don't agree, please remember this little number, which has already won a heat of the WWL contest.

(Zgoba, center. Gulp)

Another thing that bothers me is that though the Ukraine has fairly pleasing national colours, the pale-ish blue and yellow, yet they often use kind of ugly variations of this shade, or deviate entirely. They have had some good moments. Their qualification leos for Beijing were nice, i thought. But all too often, they can go very wrong.

Velvet Halter 
(my problem here is not so much cut or colour- it's actually quite nice for a Uke leo and there is a lowish neckline- my problem is with the fact that those big white bands running under her arms make her look like she is being harnessed like a kid playing horsie.)

No- Neck Blue Swirls 
(why can't they just just let these girls reveal their necks? Is there some special Ukrainian Orthodox law we don't know about, banning girls from revealing their napes or attempting to look swanlike?)

The Day of the Triffids
 (This one I nearly find nice, but it falls just short at creepy).

Black and Yellow Flamethrower

Rainbow Capped sleeve

Sleeveless Red

Rainbow snakeskin 
(and a filthy look!)

Bone Necklace
 ( c'mon, don't it look like she has been collecting sharks teeth to make her self something a little special?)

White evening jacket 
(this is one of those numbers that confirms my theory that the ukes like to design their leos so they can just slip on a skirt and some stilettos (trust me everyone in Ukraine is in stilettos- girls would go rock climbing in ten inch spikes) and go out on the town straight after a meet.

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  1. Blech, I collected some of those myself for my own site. I absolutely hate those cap-sleeve leos. Yeuch.

  2. That last one is wooondeeerfulll!! *.* And the one with no neck, with the blue swirls is also really beautiful. But that's just my opinion...I'm gonna go pick the ugliest now :)

  3. I actually like most of the Ukranian leos. So I am not going to pick the ugliest....

  4. what about the 1993 yellow and pink atrocity?

  5. or that 1994 white v-neck thing