Monday, May 18, 2009

World's Prettiest Leotards.....

Yes, it's time for another heat of the World's Prettiest leotard contest.  For those of you who are wondering, there are probably only a few more heats of this contest before we start on some finals.  I think we might have to have semi-finals of some sort in the Prettiest leo category, because there have been a couple of draws.
Okay, so I decided to focus on a country each for the prettiest and worst leos for a few heats.  I have decided to use Japan's collection for this heat of prettiest.  I have said before how much I like Japan's choices.  Some may not agree, but you have to admit that they are very creative and excellent at using decorative features that are widely known national symbols.  They are often symbols of natural world and reflect the seasons which is lovely and imaginative.  Their Beijing choice was one of the prettiest, i think. So here goes readers.  Pick your favorite of the Japan files. 
(Some will wonder where that Japanese team leo from Beijing is.  It has already got through to the finals, so there is no use putting it here.)

Autumn Leaves

Golden Crane

Gold Blossom

Pink Ribbon

The Blue Butterfly

White Rose on Red

Red Cherry Blossoms



As usual, vote in the poll on the side to pick your favorite.

(Thanks to the OEFC gymnastics photos gallery for many of these pics.)


  1. i like da waves and da golden crane. everything else looks a little weird.

  2. I had to reread to find out where the Beijing leotard was! That one seems pretty popular. I really like some of those other pretty Japanese leotards you posted earlier, like the silver blossom.

    I can't decide on these. I like the butterfly one a lot, and I'm undecided on the rest. I do agree, though, that Japan uses patterns exceptionally well--their leotards always have an interesting natural theme.

  3. I LOVE the crane one. That might seriously be the prettiest leotard I think I've ever seen.

    The red with the white rose is gorgeous, too. Go Japan!