Sunday, May 31, 2009

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The Aiken Standard had a short story on Georgia sweetheart Grace Taylor's return to South Carolina this weekend.  Taylor went back to her old gym and handed out trophies to young gymnasts in a contest and gave a talk to the young athletes about her experiences in the sport. Taylor also talked to the journalist about her close relationship with her old Aiken coach, Draha Krizova, about facing the end of her gymnastics career and about her continuing plans to use her Masters in Public Health to work in medical missions or non-profit organisations in the future. Read about it here.

Well the Utah Utes aren't just pretty faces and fabulous gymnasts.  The Deseret news reported this weekend that big name Utah athletes Kristina Baskett and Daria Bijak are eligible for academic all-americans.  Baskett has acccumulated a GPA of 3.69 in her communications major, while Bijak has a 3.84 in film studies.  Baskett now has a career total of twelve All-America Awards, and Bijak has seven.
On top of that, five Utes made the Dean's List; Deetscreek, Johnson, Mackie, Bijak and MacAllister.  Read about it here.

In recruiting news, San Jose State University has received a letter-of-intent from Albuquerque gymnast Alyssa Telles-Nolan.  She was the 2009 all-around champion for New Mexico this year.  From her results, she seems to be best at bars, but San Jose Spartans coach, Wayne Wright is also looking foward to using her in the all-around too.  Read about Alyssa here.

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  1. good for Deetscreek, hopefully making the Dean's list inspires her to get some amplitude on her skills... and maybe fully rotate that rudi, just sayin...