Sunday, May 3, 2009


( Well, sort of. My body is back in Melbourne, Australia, but my brain is still hovering in the air space somewhere between Kyiv, Ukraine and Shanghai, China where I last lay my head. But it is nice to be home.)

So before I backtrack entirely and put up my Euros pics, I thought i'd post this little internet mini-interview. 
Remember, a while after Beijing, The Couch Gymnast had a little muse about Beth Tweddle's possible gymnastics and/or retirement plans?

 Was she going to retire? Was she going to hold out for Worlds, or even longer? 
Well, after that post (Waddup Beth?), I sent an email to Beth's website asking for any information about her future in the sport. 
I'd forgotten all about it until, the week before the Euros, I got an email from her asking if i still wanted to know what she was up to. I certainly did, and after her awesome Euros performances, she sent me the answers to a handful of questions. So here, for any Tweds fans out there, is a little catch-up with her and her future plans. 

How did it feel to be so strong and successful at the Europeans?

It was a really good feeling to be so successful at the Europeans. At the start of the year I wasn't sure if I would be fit so my main aim was the Worlds in October and if I was fit for the Euros then so be it. 
Going into the competition I wasn't sure how I would fair due to the fact of the new code and it was the first time I had competed properly since the Olympics last year. Being so successful confirms my thoughts of being able to carry on for this year at least.

Are you planning on competing at Worlds, and if so, beyond that?

I am planning on competing at the World Champs if everything goes to plan. As for after the Worlds I am not sure what will happen. If I am still enjoying it and still doing well then I am hoping to carry on and will just take each competition as it comes.

How do you think it will feel if and when you retire from gymnastics?

To be honest I am not sure how it will feel. I think I will be lost at first as it has been such a big aspect of my life for so many years.

Are you ready for it, psychologically and physically?

I think i will be ready for it when it comes along. 

Are you still studying?

I have finished one degree in sports science and done a sports diploma in sports massage and currently doing a foundation to physiotherapy degree. 

Any career plans?

As for a future career I have always wanted to be a physiotherapist so hoping to do something along those lines. I have also set up a business with a swimmer and another guy called Total Gymnastics which is a programme that is teaching primary school school teachers gymnastics. This will also branch out into the future into other areas such as teaching the children and taster days. It all in the very phases at the moment.


  1. Welcome back! And wow, how cool is Beth to answer those questions!

  2. Glad you got home safely. Thanks for posting the mini interview with Beth. Looking forward to the pics!

  3. Love Beth! Great interview. So glad you are back!!!

  4. Awesome! Are you going to continue ugliest leotards?