Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Some Randomness....

My how they've grown.  
They're even allowed to pick out 
their own clothes
these days.

Wow, Chusso's leotard choices have already won two different heats of the World's Worst Leotard Contest -now it looks as though she could challenge in the warm-up category (if there was one)!!  She looks more like she is about to play a quick game of soccer than do gymnastics!

God I love the Soviet stylings of old.  So simple, so eighties and so, so Russian!  
Anyway, if Izbasa is anything to go by, legwarmers are back!

Alexandra Eremis demonstrating to the rest of the 
team why the leotard is compulsory gymwear.

A happy, happy coach.  He looks like he did Kupets vault himself!

The logistics of this little set-up are confusing.  
Looks like they had a hard decision to make- put her on a chair so 
she is quite a bit taller than you, 
or have her on the ground where she will be shorter than you 
by the same amount- but won't look as silly?  
As I said, hmm.

Holy cow, Irina Krasnianska has got a twelve-pack!!

Pav's doing beam with her eyes shut again.  
..y'all know what I am thinking, dontcha?

Catalina Ponor doing her bit to make sure she is the 
Romanian paparazzi's answer to 
Paris Hilton!

Dorothee Henzler and co just making sure the crowd
 knows that once again, the German team 
has picked the ugliest leotard they could find
 ....and the girls are proud.

Even Chusso ain't happy with the ol' flaming underarms leo.


  1. I have actually been collecting pictures of ugly warmups, so you must understand, I found this terribly amusing.

    I never thought Germany's flaming underarms were all that horrid, not that they haven't had their share of hideous leos....

  2. wow, you can really see how thin Kupets was back in 2006 and 2007

    I think that was her 10.0 UB routine against Bama in 07

  3. Kupets was indeed crazy skinny back then. So was her sister, Ashley. They must've had a dieting contest that season on the Gymdogs.

  4. AMAZING pictures, and even better CAPTIONS!

    I love the one of Alexandra Eremia!