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Gymnastics Facts!

Nicolae Forminte told Romanian newspaper Jurnalul that he only came to do gymnastics after he was told he was too short for football and had the wrong body for athletics.

Courtney McCool has a summer job working as a gymnastics choreographer for Precision Choreography, a small company that Alicia Sacramone has also signed on to.

The 100 metre sprint was once one of the Olympic gymnastics events.

According to a Brazilian magazine, Veja, it is estimated that every time Daiane Dos Santos lands her eponymous tumbling move, her legs have to absorb a weight of approximately 600 kilograms.  She can also leap 2.8 metres into the air, compared to the avergae gymnasts 2 metre jump. (No wonder she has had operations on both knees!)

Beth Tweddle and her coach appeared on the British television show Ready, Steady Cook, where the guest provide a range of ingredients of their choice that the chefs they are partnered with must use to compete to see who can create the best meal.  Beth provided for her chef, a chicken breast, a can of corn, some celery, a carrot and a punnet of strawberries to work with!

Carol Angela Orchard began her gymnastics career because when she audtioned to be a cheerleader in Junior High, the application form stated that the cheerleader must e able to do a cartwheel. She didn't know what a cartwheel was! After she learned what it was, she enrolled ingymnastics classes to learn how to do one.

Elena Shushunova met her husband after being in car accident.  He was the mechanic who repaired her car.  She told Gymnastics Greats she only married him so she wouldn't have to pay for repairs!

The original etymological Greek meaning for gymnastics derived from the word gumnus, meaning to "train naked"!

Two coaches in California, according to WFTV were arrested when it was discovered that they were jabbing gymnasts with drywall screws when they weren't training to their full potential.  The Coach alledgedly told the sherrif that he did it because the pain caused by a gymnasts mistake would be far worse than the pain used to deter them from it with the screws.  (I hope they throw away the key on this guy.)

When Svetlana Boginskaya was a child training, she spent four days at home, ten days at Round Lake, four days at home, ten days at Round Lake and so on.   Her mother used to ask her on the phone to come home, asking her why she was doing it.  Svetlana told a journalist, "She doesn't understand all the jumping around and standing on your head.  She finds it very scary.  She has never seen me compete and seldom on television. Would you call home if you were subjected to that?"  From then on, she remained at Round Lake.

At the Aloha Gymfest, presented by Kokokahi Gymnastics club each year in Hawaii, the trophies presented to the gymnasts are made of shells!

Larissa Latynina, the renowned Ukrainian gymnast who won bags of medals during her career is now 74 years old but she is still able to swim for forty minutes every day.

When asked by reporters if her parents had watched her bronze-winning AA performance at Beijing, Yang Yilin she told them she didn't know!

In the 1976 Olympics, Japanese gymnast Shun Fujimoto led the Japanese team to victory over Russia by competing the last two events with a fractured patella he got sustained competing floor.  He did not tell anyone of his injury at first and recorded his highest ever rings score of 9.7, sticking the landing in immense pain.

When Missy Peregrym first saw her body double, Isabelle Severino, for Stick It, she said she was terrified because Severino was so muscular and strong.  She told the directors nervously, "Guys!  I can't get that big!"

A blogging Mom for the Houston Chronicle described seeing her two year old daughter and her friends being coached in gymnastics class was like seeing someone "wrangling a bunch of coked-up monkeys"!!

A Pakistani gymnast was arrested after allegedly throwing acid on his ex-girlfriend when she and her parents refused his proposal of marriage to her.
A baffled gymnastics spectator once asked the Yahoo answers website the question; Why do women gymnasts walk so weird between events?" (good question, some might say!)

Natalia Bobrova was the only Russian gymnast to win a medal at the 1993 World Championships.

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