Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oh Bless...

Sandra Izbasa!

Telling it like it is. I bet football gets a whole lot more government funding in Romania than gymnastics does these days. But who brings home the gold huh? In fact, I just checked out the medal tallies and the ladies sure did a good job at bringing home the hardware in Beijing. Every gold medal winner in Romania was female! In fact, of all the medals won by Romanians, only one was won by a male!

But This? What is it with that kook Comaneci and her crazy front-of-camera antics? I feel worse for Elsa Garcia, though (it is Elsa, isn't it?) She doesn't know she doesn't have to join in. She is not bound by patriotism, by heritage and pedigree to follow in the exact footsteps of that perfection legend and publicity hound extraordinaire! 
The girls are actually doing Nad's famous pose from the end of her '76 floor routine. Personally, I was not a fan of that routine. I much preferred effervescent Korbut's or the mature work of Kim and Turischeva.

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  1. It is Elsa. They were both invited at Nadia's International Invitational, early this year. Druncea was, too. From I've noticed Nadia is loved in Mexico, nadie como Nadia, bla bla. But most probably they simply had fun taking this pic.