Sunday, May 31, 2009

More Dream Teams.......

Some more Deam Teams are up...

(The Beautiful Aurelia Dobre)

Whoever provided this first one didn't give their reasons for choosing the gymnasts, but what the heck, I thought I'd post it anyway so you can take a look!  I'm not sure Mustafina is quite legal yet, but whatever.

Perfection team

Nastia Liukin usa (aa) ub bb 
Tatiana Lyssenko ukr (aa) fx vt bb
Lilia Podpokayeva ukr (aa) aa
Irina Krasnyanska ukr (bb ub)ub
Andrea Munteanu rom (bb fx vt) fx
Aurelia Dobre rom (vt fx ub) vt

courtney mc cool usa
Aliya Mustafina rus

Octavian Belu, Valery Liukin, Leonid Arkayev, evgeny marchenko

hope you love it :)


The second Team, the Beautiful Bitchfaces contains some of the most graceful girls in women's gymnastics.

Note From Creator: Okay, I based this all on personality and artistry and that's why my my team is named...

The Beautiful Bitchfaces!

Svetlana Boginskaya (AA) VT FX
Svetlana Khorkina (AA) BB UB 
Nastia Luikin (AA) UB BB
Daniela Silivas (BB UB FX) FX BB UB
Oksana Omelianchik (AA) FX VT
Alicia Sacramone (VT) VT

Alexsandra Marinescu
Anna Pavlova
Mohini Bhardwaj

Adrian Goreac (Head Coach)
Valeri Luikin

I wanted a team that was bursting with personality and artistry pretty much. In my opinion the six that I have chosen represent the highest degree of what artistic gymnastics should and could be! All of them, except A-Sac, could compete all around but each also has an event where they shine. Boginskaya on floor, Daniela on the beam, Khorki on bars, so on and so forth... Alicia is my only specialist because she makes vault look beautiful. Also, most of them can melt steel with their glares and that was an important contributing factor.

(Bogi melting some steel)

My three alternates were mostly chosen for sentimental value. Alexsandra and Anna both have beautiful style and great difficulty, but are pretty inconsistant. (Though in the case of Marinescu that may be because of Belu probably scaring the crap out of her in competition.) Mohini is one of my favorite Americans, but she just doesn't have the difficulty nor the style of the other gymnasts. She has proven herself a leader though, and can step into any situation and keep a level head and that's why I want her on my team.

The reason I only have two coaches is because I think if there are anymore then that the team gets muddled. Too many conflicting voices. Valeri and Adrian are two that I trust not to abuse the athletes, but give them the discipline to get where they need to go. Adrian has produced some of the most beautiful gymnastics ever, while Valeri seems to be a great technitian and understands the code really well. They could come up with some phenomenal routines.

(Liukin, one of the most popular coach choices so far) 

The third Team is from KarenlovesGymnastics. She said she wasn't sure how to email her team to me (look to the right of the screen, Karen!!!) So head over to her blog to see her Dream Team, The Best of the Best.