Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Lugano Trophy

So, with all the yakking about the Moscow Star, admittedly a more prestigious and interesting competition, we forgot that the Lugano Trofeo Internazionale is being contested this weekend.  No results are up on Gymnastics Results yet so it may have just finished. 
 The Lugano trophy is a great competition for trying out younger gymnasts in international competition, given the large amount of juniors who often attend.   The meet is getting a little bit bigger every year, though and usually hosts a handful of interesting and well-known European gymnasts.  
This year, one of the stars of the European Championships, Ariella Kaeslin is competing for Switzerland, along with a favorite of mine, Yasmin Zimmermann.  Other familiar faces from the Milano Euros will be there, including Laura Gombas, Ana Maria Izurietta, and Naomi Ruiz. 

This year gymnasts from nine different countries will be competing in the women's competition, including, for only the second time, some Chinese gymnasts under a new exchange program being encouraged between European and Asian nations.  Representing China will be Liao Yaping and Tang Jiayi.


The Romanians generally tend to send a few of their younger ones and this year is no exception with Amelia Racea, Diana Trenca and Raluca Haida all competing for medals.
Holland has sent the most female gymnasts with four girls including Nastasja Blind.

(The girls from Luxenbur lend each other a hand in 2003)

(2003 winner Emily LePennec)

There was  no Lugano Trofeo held in the Olympic year last year, but 2007 saw quite a wonderful field of young stars contesting the Trophy.  Here is the top eight all-around competitors that year.

1. Ceresela Patrascu
2. Paola Galante
3.  Youna Dufournet
4. Gabriella Dragoi
5. Yasmin Zimmermann
6. Serena Lichetta
7. Loes Linders
8. Berber Van De berg.

I look forward to hearing the results of this weekend's competition.  I'm particularly interested in seeing how the young Chinese and Romanians compare and how they shape up against some of the older girls.  Will keep you posted.

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  1. Amelia Racea won the competition with a total of 56.4 points.