Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lugano Trofeo Results

(Yasmin Zimmermann)

Well, the all-around honours in Lugano were taken out, rather unsurprisingly, by Romania's little junior talent, Amelia Racea.  Oddly enough for a Romanian, her highest scoring event in the AA competition was on the uneven bars with a 14.350.  Her lowest was floor, with a 13.650 despite her 5.3 difficulty.  

(Jessica Diacci)

Racea was the leading light of the Romanians, with the next best placement being Raluca Haida in seventh place (Haida had a 10.900 beam score.  I wonder what happened there!?).
Ana Maria Izurieta had came in second, and Yasmin Zimmermann took third.  The Chinese contingent didn't fare so well with Yaping coming in tenth and Jiayi twelfth.
The top scores on each event were;

(Giulia Steingruber)

Vault: Racea/ Zimmermann 14.200
Bars: Racea 14.350
Beam: Izurietta 14.700
Floor: Izurietta 13.700.

Some other lesser known standouts  appear to be Giulia Steingruber, who scored 13.550 on floor, which would have placed her third.
Jessica Diacci of Switzerland got a 13.850 on beam.
Dorina Boczogo of Hungary was one of only four girls to score into the 14's for vault.

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  1. The one you are wondering about, Raluca Haidu [that's the correct name], is a bit nervous on beam, it's not her favourite. Unfortunately, she missed her Silivas mount and then everything fell apart for her... :(
    These things happen, we hope for better the next time. Meanwhile, congrats for Amelia!