Monday, May 11, 2009

I love our...

Aussie Gymnasts!

I really, really do.  Thanks to Nade00 who put up this little vid of Ashleigh Brennan and Lauren Mitchell on Yum Cha, the Olympics News show on Youtube this week.  It made me feel (a little bit) better about the whole Olympics thing in a way.  I remember watching it when it was on. For those non-Australians, every Olympics, we always have on of these Olympic chat shows, with interview and coverages and fluff pieces- like Oksana Chusovitina's tale (which i was willing to bet money was going to appear on Yum Cha in some way at some point and was right).  The show is usually funny, though last year it wasn't compared to the twisted musings of Roy and HG during the Athens shows.  They had their own little take on gymnastics commentating which was fairly hilarious if you were Australian and could understand what they were talking about.
The Yum Cha hosts were giving the girls fake Rolex watches as a gift at the end.  They agve them to everyone.  I'm not sure if the girls got the joke or not!
Anyway, it was nice to see Ashleigh and Lauren on the show.  The Aussie girls always seem so natural in interviews.  They are not like the US girls who seem, aside from a few big personalities, to stick to the script given to them by media advisors, or too shy, like the Chinese to say much of anything at all!
Anyway, the interview doesn't tell us gymfans anything we didn't already know, but if you haven't heard about Peggy Liddicks nifty little distraction tapes the girls trained with, its worth watching.

Also, I loved hearing Ashleigh Brennan talk about taking the time to 'take it all in' and enjoy her floor routine during the competition.  It was the perfect antidote to my horrible bitter feelings about the Olympic Games yesterday- though the comments seem to show that a lot of readers agree with me.  
And hey, maybe that's one of the best things about not being the best in the world, you can give yourself a moment to let go and simply enjoy it as Ashleigh did.
One  complaint, though they did show Lauren and Ashleigh competing during the interview, were there any Australians in that montage bit at the start!?


  1. I just love the Australian team. Such good sportswomen. And they have completely the right attitude.

    And if I didn't love them already, I'd already have been sold by Cheng Fei and Lauren Mitchell's conversation at the World Cup.

  2. Haha, that conversation was absolutely adorable. Way to go gymnastics, for making the world just a slightly smaller, friendlier place! :)

  3. What frustrated me most was that they showed some of Ashleigh's floor routine during the interview but NOT during the prelims or team final broadcast.

    In fact, Channel 7 did that a lot during the Olympics. They cut out most of the routines we COULD have seen and instead stuck them in a bunch of montages. Given that Australia made the team final and had TWO gymnasts through to the AA final - the team having scored their highest qualification placing ever - Channel 7 did a crap job of doing them justice.



    But Channel 7's treatment of Beijing gymnastics exacerbated my already depairing manner about Dasha's injury.

    Watching the NBC footage of team finals, the girls were on beam while China was on vault and you can hear them going "Oh my God!" at all the noise, it's mental. That they all stayed on and hit their routines despite the home crowd roars (particularly for Cheng Fei) was remarkable.