Friday, May 29, 2009

Gymnasts and their Coaches

Vicky Dobson and Elena Davydova

(Young Davydova)

Sometimes I think its just nice to hear about some regular gymnast- not young gymnasts vying for spots on the National team training thirty-forty hour weeks, risking burnout before pay off, but a gymnast with lots of talent and achievable goals.
Canadian gymnast Vicky Dobson, coached by Elena Davydova, is one of those girls. There is no doubt that Vicky is talented and tenacious at age eleven. According to the Durham Region News, Vicky had only one week to prepare herself for the Ontario Cup after returning from a broken hand. She a managed to come in at 5th place, qualifying for the Provincial Championshsips. Vicky went from strength to strength after this. She came third at the Provincials, qualifying easily for the Eastern Candians where she came second in her age category! Talk about improvement!
Vicky claimed she was more excited than nervous. She loves the sport and best of all, it is still fun for her.

"I thought flipping around and all that stuff would be really fun to do so I chose gymnastics. It's really active and just really fun to do, because you get to swing on the bars and do all sorts of things on the floor. It's really hard work, but it all pays off and it's really fun to do.

But not only is Vicky an adept gymnast- she has found she has quite the talent for diving, where she will now be competing in the Provincial Championships and Canadian Nationals on the 1 and 3 meter springboards as well. Not only is gymnastics still fun for this eleven year old, but she gets to pursue her diving as well. As for dreams. She is keeping it real and aiming for university gymnastics scholarships one day.

I found it refreshing to hear about a talented gymnast who is just enjoying gymnastics, and enjoying life too.

(Davydova coaching.
The girl is not Vicky Dobson. I couldn't obtain a pic of her.)

Her coach, Elena Davydova, was the first woman to perform a backward giant and a Tkatchev on bars. She was trained to coach in the U.S.S.R and spent time training the National Team in St Petersburg before she left for the states. She has been coaching full time since coming to Canada. She is involved in coaching at Gemini, is a brevet judge at an international level and works developing coaching training at a provincial level as well. She coaches three national team members and her gymnasts are known, unsurprisingly, for their excellent artistry and execution.

(Davydova training other coaches)

Her greatest coaching success came with Kristina Vaculik and she has had two athletes competing on World Championship teams. Her greatest wish, according to the Gymnastics Coaching Association of Canada website is to produce a medallist at a World or Olympic competition and to be a coach of the Canadian Team at the Olympic Games.

Watch this Youtube video of Davydova to remember why she was just so darn great. It's fuzzy and old but worth its weight in gold.

Her bar routine was so so cool. I love the mount and the transfer from low to high in that same position. Why can't gymnasts just chuck in a mount like that these days? It's not like they are working to a time limit on bars. It can't be that hard to learn and it looks A-mazing. AND people would always remember them and look out for them in competitions! I know I was always waiting for Chellsie memmel or Ivana Hong do perform their original and exciting bars moves.
Davydova's floor routine was crazy brilliant too. It was beautiful in parts, sassy in parts, and even a bit comical too. And she pulled every aspect of it off. She made such beautiful shapes with her body with her dance.
And you know what I miss, people? A good old-fashioned dive roll! Gymnasts look great as they soar through the air in that swallow shape before landing one. Why is Jennifer Beals dive roll in her dance audition in Flashdance one of the most memorable parts of the film? Because they are simple and spectacular, that's why. And Davydova provides a wonderful version in this fantastic routine.

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  1. It is the code which prevents gymnasts from erforming entertaining and amazing routines, like how they did in the past.