Thursday, May 28, 2009

The First Dream Team is In!

This is the first contribution to the Dream Team Game from one of our readers. I love the mix in this one. 
Team Awesome pulls gymnasts from right across the gymnastics ages.  There is depth and great artistry in this mix. In fact it is sooo deep, it is like the Romanian or U.S team, where you sometimes mourn who ends up as reserve. 
Interesting coach choices too!

(Terin Humphrey- overlooked no longer)

Team Awesome

Lilia Podkopayeva (AA) (floor, beam)
Nadia Comaneci (AA) (beam, bars)
Vera Caslavska (AA) (bars, vault)
Anna Pavlova (AA) (beam, floor, vault)
Cheng Fei (Floor, Vault) (floor, vault)
Terin Humphrey (Bars, Beam) (bars)

Reserves: Mo Huilan, Nastia Liukin

Coaches: Octavian Belu, Kelli Hill, Liang Chow, Nataliya Pavlova

(A blast from the past.  Vera Caslavska is probably
 the only gymnast more used to a medals podium than Nastia Liukin!)

Why I chose my team: Lilia is my favorite gymnast of all time. Her floor was so lively and beautiful, not to mention the double front half out! She’s also a true AA gymnast, with no weak event. Vera I chose because she’s my favorite “old time” gymnast. She always seems so happy and I find her bar work exciting, and like Lilia, she was a great AA gymnast, able to medal in every event (and she did). Anna I chose, because despite her lack of consistency, is a beautiful gymnast. Her floor in Beijing blew me away. And when she’s on, she is so ON. Cheng Fei I put on the team because she’s one of the most awesomely powerful gymnasts I’ve ever seen. But in addition to her power is a fabulous grace and artistry. Terin Humphrey is there because she was my favorite American gymnast of the 2004 olympics. I think she was woefully underrated at the US championships, but really got to show her stuff at the Games with her rock solid performances, and surpassing Kupets in the bars finals. And Nadia is on the team because she’s NADIA!
(Belu- the team coach who needs keeping in line!)

As for the coaches, Octavian has the medal record and the discipline to take any team to greatness. Kelli and Liang have also produced great gymnasts, and could help keep Octavian in check. Nataliya is there because who am I to separate a fantastic mother-daughter team?

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