Friday, May 15, 2009


I Did It...

It was time. 
It's been coming a while now.
But until now, I wasn't ready to revisit it.
Then finally....
Yes, that's right.  This drama queen was finally ready to watch ALL of Beijing over again. 
 I have, I admit, watched bits and pieces over again, but not the competition in its entirety.

 One of the main reasons I didn't at first was because i was waiting for all the removing of Youtube videos to stop so I could find playlists with everything on it and no risk of it being taken down while i was viewing.  It also had to be the BBC coverage.  

But I also hadn't returned to it because Beijing was such a raw viewing experience, and I found it, in many ways, as difficult to watch as it was exciting.  

It was an awesome meet and chock-full some of the fantastic moments, moments like Nastia's redemption after a few tough years, or Chusovitina proving once again that she is a miracle of modern gymnastics, or Izbasa carrying the torch for Romania on floor.  

But there was also so many mini tragedies and sad moments during the competition that we dedicated gymfans all had to suffer through to varying degrees.  That made it hard to watch. I still haven't viewed the team finals again (though HOW I remember that soap opera) but have been through AA, quals and events in the last few days.
To name a few of the said sadnesses and tragedies,

-The last minute injuries to Peszek and Memmel (Oh Chellsie!)

-The dumb@#$ scoring/ranking system in bars finals.

-Anna Pavlova.  Sophocles himself couldn't have written a better tragedy.  The girl should get an honorary medal for that floor routine in AA though. It was divine.

-Shawn Johnson trying so hard to look pleased for Nastia after coming second in AA.

-Cheng Fei's individual competition.

-Seeing gymnasts like Vanessa Ferrari and Jade Barbosa struggling after such fantastic career beginnings.

-Beth Tweddle coming in fourth on bars after designing and pulling off that stellar routine.

-Alicia Sacramone in qualifications and team and vault (Oh Leesh!)

-Steliana Nistor after the AA (Okay, so maybe the Australian coverage didn't show it, but the BBC panned over to her (in separate rotation from the other leaders) when it was all decided and I had no idea the first time i watched that she was crying over her result!  Lawdy it brought a tear to my eye seeing that tough little nut finally crack.

-Dasha Joura's injury (and black eye) pulling her out of the AA  What could have been.

-Neither Lauren Mitchell or Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs making it to beam finals

-The bars qualifications.  (well... that was more a freak show than a tragedy, really)

-He Kexin's face after bars qualifications.

But the one I'd not really noticed so much when I was watching it live, the near-miss that really got me, was Semenova getting fourth place.  
While not quite a tragedy, I had forgotten how much Ksenia rocked her all-around competition!  There were other girls i wanted to have that bronze, like Pavs, or Nistor, or Barbosa, but i'd forgotten all about Semenova's performance. I kinda wish she'd got it. 

I mean, the girl didn't have the same difficulty as the big guns, but how she performed!  (also, I must say i found it funny that British lady commentator whose name i can never remember, kept comparing Ksenia to Nistor, saying they were very alike.  She was referring to their 'businesslike' style of gymnastics, but really, they are nothing alike to me.  Besides, i think all the gymnasts are businesslike generally.)

 Anyway, little Ksenny was just fantastic in Beijing as far as I am concerned, and the way she practically skipped off the podium after her  beam and floor sets, a smile spread all over her face! She was just so delighted with herself and her performances.  And she deserved to be! Her floor routine was just fantastic.

I really, really hope that narrowly missing out on a medal wasn't too much of a dissapointment for her- and that just doing such an incredible job at the Olympics gave her a great sense of achievement.  Because with that performance, and her start scores, there is nothing to be ashamed of in finishing in fourth place (I say this because i think that, however sad and how much she didn't want to feel like that, Shawn Johnson probably hated her silver medal for the first ten minutes.  Come on, how could she not, with that ridiculous amount of pressure and hype around her, not have felt like she lost a gold, rather than gained a silver?)

Anyway, I just want to say that I am so, so terribly glad that Ksenia Semenova won the European crown this year.  She is still in fine, fine form and a thorough delight to watch.  Though she has matured, puberty has been kind to her, and she while still tiny she is obviously more psychologically mature and comfortable in her role acting as the Old Guard for Russian gymnastics these days
I really hope the Worlds are an amazing competition for her.


  1. I hope so too. I fell in love with her gymnastics the first time I saw her. And she's sooooo cute! ^^

  2. The British female commentator is Christine Still who bugs the hell out of me every time she opens her mouth. I mean she is supposed to be a well-renowned WAG coach but I know more than she does and I've never done gymnastics in my whole life! Granted I love watching it and spend a lot of time reading about it etc, but she is supposed to be a professional! She hasn't got a clue about any gymnasts from countries other than the UK and very little clues about most of the UK girls either!

    She needs to join Gymworld. Stat.