Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Euros Pics #3

Cuddles, Ipods, fashion and pimples.......

Semenova chillaxin' to some music before the bars finals.

Afasanyeva is clearly very, very fond of the ol' glitter hairspray

The Ksenias have a happy moment together before going out to receive their AA hardware.  The day Kaeslin retires that leotard, The Couch Gymnast may well throw a party....

If there is one thing Izbasa is never without.... it's her pink legwarmers.  I wonder if she ever has them off long enough to wash them.  Or can they stand up and cartwheel on their own?

Some more legwarmer fashion.  It was all the rage to wear legwarmers and your tracksuit pants slung lower than the leg cut of your leo on the podium.  It was kinda reminiscent of the low pants homeboy nineties era......bad.

What is it with the Italians and sequins and diamantes? One day one of those twinkly little babies is gonna drop off during a beam set and blind one of the poor girls!

This little number was my candidate for the Euros Ugliest Leotard awards.  I don't know who it was, or where they had brought it from.  I couldn't bring myself to look at it long enough to find out.  Maybe that's why the picture is so blurry, i couldn't even look at it long enought to focus my camera!

The Ruskies came into the crowds and watched Semenova in both her floor and beam finals.  There were no seats so they just sat on the steps and cheered her.  Little girls kept asking for autographs which Afasanyeva was none too happy about.

What a familiar sight this has become over they years.  The ole Russian huddle.

More hugs n' love between the Russian girls.

And some beams finals love...

Maksyuta texting and ipodding before beam finals..... and doing not a whole lot of warming up!

Some serious hair clippage.  This hairdo would even give the Chinese girls a run for teir money in the hardware-hairwear stakes!

Izbasa and Forminte- all business as they hogged warm-up time on floor.  I did feel sorry for the other gymnasts in their rotations, they barely got a chance to warm up.

Okay, so maybe the monster on Afasanyeva's forehead explains the mood she was in all week.  As my sister used to say, I wonder if she needs a building permit for that thing?!


  1. Thanks for all the pics.

    The title on that last picture cracked me up. I'd love to see the scowl on Afanasyeva's face if she knew that someone on the other side of the world had a photo of her entitled "Ksenia+zits" posted on the internet.

  2. Awww! Felt really sorry for Ksenia A. Haven't we all had an embarrassing pimple, though? Mine was in my 9th grade yearbook. First year of high school and I wanted to look cool, yet I had this huge volcano in the middle of my forehead. Even worse, I had tried to pop it but couldn't, so the entire area around it was fire0engine red, too. Not Cool! The pictures were in color, and no editing.

    Thanks for all of the fantastic pictures, and lots of love from America!

  3. I'm so jealous that you got to go to Euros. There's such a variety of gymnasts. We never get to really see anyone outside of the US gymnasts bc they don't really have any international competitions here much :(

  4. Now i see Sandra's legwarmers i was at 2008 World cup final (only first day) and i saw Sandra walking around and she was wearing those legwarmers!!!