Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Euros Pics #1

So.... finally. Here goes. My Euros pics. Not very professional pics, mind you, but i alway enjoy seeing candid gym photos of competitions, so I thought you guys might like them too. These ones are random gymnast shots, mostly preparing for events.

The Ksenias are clearly the best of friends. Every time they were anywhere together, they were huddled, chatting and gossiping and giggling, despite Afanasyevas generally surly atitude the rest of the time. In the podium training, when Semonova was practicing on beam, Afanasyeva would stand at the end of the beam and crack jokes. Maybe she was trying to help Semenova focus on concentrating?! It worked. It didn't help Afasanyeva though, who despite her good results, was as inconsistent as usual. I always find her disappointing because she is such a lovely gymnast to watch. She so rarely nails a routine, though.

Izurietta had a great meet, as did Kaeslin. Izuriettas tumbling is so reminiscent of the Spanish gymnasts of old, but someone really, really needs to work on her dance elements.

I love Yasmin Zimmerman. I think she is very talented. It was a pity she had a rough beam set in the event finals, because she had really impressed me. She is young though, and has many competitions to improve.

Sandra getting ready to go out on floor. Poor girl. I knew the judges would hang her if they could. A case of Tall Poppy Syndrome, i think.

Holenkova prepares for floor. I've mentioned many times how i love this little gymnast. She needs a new floor routine, some bigger difficulty and to work on her consistency and she could be a big hope for Ukraine's flailing gymnastics program.

Emily Armi, the new hope for Italy. She was looking really good before she baulked on bars. Lots of power. With her long pony tail and short stature, she kind of reminds me of a cute little pony. I used to think the same thing of Yelena Piskun when she was a young 'un and still had her ponytail.

Dragoi was looking gooood on beam. She seems very mature and steady. It was dissapointing not to get to see too much of her competing at this competition.

Anja Brinker looking deservedly pleased with herself after her bars set. 

Beth looking very focussed before bars. She sat very quietly waiting for her turn. People in the crowd were calling out, wishing her luck. She would smile, say thank you ever so politely and just go straight back inside of herself. Her concentration was impressive.

Afasanyeva in a rare moment ON the beam!

Youna Dufournet smiling before her bars finals, which sadly left her with less to smile about. At least it wasn't floor.....

Tamarjan warming up before beam. The girl did not stop warming up. It was like she was so determined after not coming in with an AA medal, that there was no way she was going to let a beam one go. She stood at the sidelines and did her routine over and over and over again, until even her beam coach was telling her to stop (i'm guessing). Tamarjan would pause for a moment, until coach walked back to talk to Dragoi and get right back to perfecting her side somi!

Ah Queen Khorky. Her highness seemed to spend the entire time signing autographs, gossiping in the athletes seats, posing for pictures with peopl and chatting on her mobile phone. What a hard life!

Steliana Nistor hanging out waiting for the beam finals to start where she was cheering on her old team mates. I had thought i saw her standing near me at podium trainin earlier in the weekg, listening to her ipod and watching but then I thought it was just a girl who looked like her. But it was!

Marta Pihan getting her dance on before competing on floor.

Oh those Greek girls are lovely on beam (maybe not in this pic!)

The tiny Demyanchuk after winning the beam in what was like watching a gymnast in the 100metre sprint! Lawd that girl moves so, so fast. I was not joking when i said she had 15-20 seconds to spare at the end of her difficulty-packed routine!

Poor Becky Downie. She had the Pavlova sydrome at the Euros- the magnetic attraction to fourth place. At one point i was sitting, waiting for the beam final to start when i heard English voices. My ears, of course, pricked up, just because i was hearing English and could actually understand what they were saying! After hearing a bit of the conversation, i turned around to realise it was Becky talking to an older woman (perhaps her mother) trying to explain why she didn't medal on bars to someone who clearly didn't know too much about gymnastics scoring. I felt sorry for Becky. Then i felt even sorrier for her when, the woman said philosophically, "oh well, tomorrow is another day/" Becky sighed, and just said "Yeah, start over." It made me sad for her. The Euros were her big chance to come home with hardware. It is unlikely she will step up enough for a Worlds medal. And now, all she has to do after all the Euros dissapointment is to go right back into the gym. 
The sadness, however, turned to giggles when the woman then said something else along the lines of "Oh well, things don't always work out" and Becky said, in a very British manner, "Yeah, I had me chance, but I bummed it!"

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  1. Is it just me or is there a lot of purple & pink themed leos at this comp?! BACK OFF world.. those be the Aussie's colours! :P