Friday, May 29, 2009

Another Dream Team!

This one is a goody too. It is an interesting blend of old and new and is mostly made of Americans and Romanians.  The reasons for choosing the athletes is compelling.  The reasons for (not) choosing the alternates are hilarious as is the reason for selecting Valeri Liukin as a coach.  Enjoy!

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Team Name: Team I'm gonna kill the competition

Nastia Liukin (AA) UB, BB
Liz Tricase (VT, UB, FX) VT, UB, FX
Olesiya Dudnik (AA) VT, BB
Courtney Kupets (AA) UB, FX
Monica Rosu (VT, BB) VT
Oana Ban (UB, BB, FX) BB, FX

Coaches: Liukin, Kelli Hill, Mihai Brestyan, Natalya Marakova



Nastia's my favorite gymnast
Tricase was awesome on VT, UB, and FX
Dudnik is Dudnik
Kupets is awesomeness
Rosu was an awesome vaulter, IMO she had the best Amanar ever
Ban was one of the best BB workers I've seen, very deliberate in her
moves, not a question of can she make it or not

and also I can design new code routines for all of them

Alternates: Pavlova (was originally on the team, replaced by Dudnik
b/c of lower difficulty), Groshkova (was originally on the team, taken
off for lack of consistency), Lysenko (she wasn't hitting UB and BB in
practice, and those were the 2 events where she would really
contribute, I couldn't do it on FX, her double layout is SCARY!)


Liukin is great at pacing and UB and BB, Hill is very personable,
great UB coach, Brestyan is good with VT, BB, and FX execution,
Marakova's a wonderful beam coach and choreographer


  1. "Dudnik is Dudnik"! So true...

  2. Oops.

    Prod is on MY dream team, and she just vaulted. And landed on Nastia.

    Sorry 'bout that.